A doctor explains in Sylheti why everyone should take the Covid-19 vaccine.

A doctor explains in Sylheti why everyone should take the Covid-19 vaccine. No explanation needed.

Worldwide Covid News in Brief

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ONS vaccine hesitancy survey geek session

The Office for National Statistics has published data around 'vaccine hesitancy' or 'negative vaccine sentiment'.

Tower Hamlets Covid-19 vaccination failures risks all

Data from the NHS shows that Tower Hamlets has a vaccination rate of 14%. This is…

Party goers face £16,000 fines for breaking lockdown rules

20 people fined for breaking lockdown rules after police raid.

Covid-19 vaccination round-up (with free video!)

Data published by NHS England indicates that Tower Hamlets CCG has one of the lowest vaccination…

Covid-19 ethnic minorities news roundup 17 February

Covid related news roundup

Watershed moment as ethnicity, deprivation formally recognised as Covid-19 risk factors

Anew Covid-19 risk analysis tool, QCovid, will include ethnicity and race as factors that may cause…

Covid-19 wildfire in Tower Hamlets inevitable if vaccination reluctance not tackled

The number of people from ethnic minorities deciding not to have the Covid-19 vaccine is way…

Anyone fancy a grant? Free Covid grants here! Roll up!

An odd story of the two FoI responses and how one person was offered a Covid-19…

Covid-19 summary Tower Hamlets

This is a basic summary of Covid-19 data for Tower Hamlets which is taken directly from…

Don’t let your guard down Johnny! Mayor Biggs caught breaking Covid-19 lockdown

East London News has caught Tower Hamlets Mayor John Biggs breaking every Covid-19 lockdown rule in…