Frontline COVID-19 NHS staff at Royal London Hospital need food

Amidst the tragedy of Covid, a travesty.

Quite how this has been allowed to happen is beyond us.

Bottom line is that the NHS staff who are on the frontline of the battle against Covid-19 at the Royal London Hospital are having problems getting something to eat.

Yep, you read that right.

This is the tweet we saw this morning from Professor Richard Schilling who, after 23 yrs of doing the whole heart surgeon thing, is now volunteering to be a nurse ‘cos there are not enough.

Which is pretty impressive.

22 hour shift then nothing to eat

Trouble is, as he explains in the tweet, Professor Schilling worked 22 hours straight saving people’s lives and then found there was no food at the Royal London Hospital for him to eat.

Which is a travesty.

Fortunately for him (and his patients) the particularly wonderful people at Humdinger Food were on the case and got the Prof something nice to eat.

Humdinger Food

Seems the whole ‘work 20 hours a day saving lives but don’t expect any food’ thing is nothing new as a few days ago Professor Schilling organised a fundraiser to raise £50,000 for Humdinger Food to continue to provide NHS staff with food.

Quite why he should have to do this with the billions the Government has poured into the NHS and numerous Covid-19 relief schemes is another story but for the moment your cash is needed.

Millionaires needed

So…. that’s it! There are a lot of very poor people in Tower Hamlets but we know there are quite a few millionaires too. So we expect the £50,000 goal to be met sometime today.

Remember – your life depends on it. Literally.

The Enquirer understands there is more to this story which we are looking into but whatever Moley digs up the cash is still needed.