Covid-19 Culture Recovery Fund Grants Round 2 announced

Funds awarded to Tower Hamlets arts organisations as Covid-19 Culture Recovery Fund Round 2 Grants have been published . This is in addition to the Round 1 Grants announced earlier in the week.

All the cash comes from the government’s £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund. Or your pocket ‘cos all the Covid-19 money that is being dished out will have to be repaid and that means higher taxes.

But hey, the house is on fire so little point in asking the fire brigade how much the water costs.

Funds for Troxy and Boiler Room

Boiler Room has managed to get £791,652 to help them out and Ashburn Estates Limited have got £629,091 for The Troxy.

At the other end of the scale The Record Label Limited has got £60,000 for their work with recording and musical artists.  It is the smaller grants that are going to have the bigger impact, ensuring that the smaller organisations survive and continue to evolve.

Looking at the websites listed below gives a good insight into the huge range of arts and culture in East London.

Organisation Name £ Awarded Discipline Web Comment
Boiler Room (UK) Limited £791,652 Music Online music broadcasting
Ashburn Estates Limited £627,091 Combined arts The Troxy
Mahogany Limited £178,000 Music Wilton’s Music Hall Mahogany Bar?
Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club £117,635 Visual arts BGWMC
Electric Star Ltd £100,000 Music Includes Star of Bethnal Green venue
Drake Music £84,650 Music Arts charity working in music, disability and technology.
Oh My God! It’s The Church £67,482 Combined arts Possibly not the church you are thinking of
The Record Label Limited £60,000 Music Music recording studio and production company
East London Printmakers CIC £53,343 Visual arts Not-for-profit, artist run studio in Mile End
Total £2,079,853

Data: Arts Council England


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