Keep Tower Hamlets Safe, Keep Tower Hamlets Trendy

Firstly, an apology to Councillor Mufeedah Bustin (Labour, Island Gardens) who we understand does a great job as Cabinet Member for Planning and Social Inclusion and Lead on Social Inclusion yet drew the short straw to be in the above photo.

Max respect for making it look so classy. Well, almost classy.

Someone had to model the custom face masks featuring the ‘Keep Tower Hamlets Safe’ that a bright spark at the town hall (looking at you LBTH Communications!) decided our elected representatives needed and Mufeedah got the job.

We have no idea how much these cost our cash-strapped council but will endeavour to find out.

In the meantime here are a few other suggestions for the wording on the masks which will no doubt soon become a collectors item.

‘Works just as well as an ordinary face mask but has words on’ (Too long?)

‘#WTF?’ (Too short?)

‘TH Labour? Never heard of them.’ (Contender)

‘Money To Burn, T-shirts also available in a range of colours’ (Let’s hope not)

‘I went on holiday to Mulberry Place and all I got was this lousy face mask’ (Too American?)

‘My normal face mask works fine’ (Winner!)

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