Covid-19 cases rising everywhere, the pandemic ain’t over yet

Across the UK cases of Covid-19 are rising and everyone is being urged to get vaccinated if eligible and then get tested twice a week.

People who are vaccinated can still carry the virus and pass it on to others – 1 in 3 people have the virus but show no symptoms at all. People like this are described as being asymptomatic.

Tower Hamlets council is urging everyone, including those who are already vaccinated, to get tested.

In addition everyone still needs to follow government Covid-19 guidelines.

Book a Covid-19 test online

If you have symptoms of Covid-19 you must book an appointment online immediately or by calling 119.

Vaccinated? Still get tested please!

People without symptoms should still get tested twice a week even if already vaccinated.

This is in case of being asymptomatic or for the tiny number of people for whom vaccinations do not work.

How to get regular rapid Covid-19 tests

Find vaccination centres in Tower Hamlets

People in Tower Hamlets can find out the location of vaccination centres in the borough here.

How well is Tower Hamlets doing for vaccinations?

Vaccination rates vary across the UK with the highest percentage of those over 50 vaccinated in Stratford-upon-Avon at 96.0% and the lowest percentage in Westminster at 59.3%.

At 62.2% Tower Hamlets has one of the lowest vaccination rates.

Highest Vaccinations rates in UK

Area% fully vaccinated*
Bath & North East Somerset93.7%
Mid Suffolk93.5%

Lowest Vaccinations rates in UK

Area% fully vaccinated*
City of London60.6%
Tower Hamlets62.2%

* Estimated proportion of people aged 50.
NHS England / ONS. Figures are provisional.

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