New Tower Hamlets Council Cabinet Announced

Lutfur Rahman's new cabinet has been announced.

Labour Tells Lutfur to Solve His Party’s Gender Problems By Himself

In a direct response to the new Mayor’s request to borrow some female Labour councillors ‘cos…

Rahman Announces First ‘Relief Package’ of 100 Day Plan

Mayor Lutfur Rahman has announced the first ‘relief package’ of his promised 100 day plan to…

BBC Newsnight Lutfur Rahman 19 May 2022

BBC Newsnight ran a historical summary of the electoral history of Lutfur Rahman on 19/05/22.

Hypocrisy of Mayor Lutfur Rahman Laid Bare For All To See

Mayor Rahman wants to borrow some women from Tower Hamlets Labour as he hasn't got any.

“I Lost Everything” Says Mayor Lutfur Rahman

Our new Mayor tells all (well, almost all) in this video courtesy of Novara Media.

It Never Rains But It Pours For Tower Hamlets Labour

Tower Hamlets Labour's AGM has been abruptly cancelled by Those In Charge.

Roof Yet To Fall In on Tower Hamlets, Rahman Critics Baffled

Despite the election of Mayor Rahman Tower Hamlets still seems intact.

2022 Tower Hamlets Final Election Results

It may be that there are weirder election count days than this but we doubt it…

It’s Ward Count Day – This Could Get Very Messy

Are you a Labour candidate? Are you looking forward to the results of the ward elections…

Rahman Trashes Biggs to Become Mayor Once More

Lutfur Rahman has been elected as Mayor of Tower Hamlets.

Vote For Rabina Khan As Mayor of Tower Hamlets

On 5th May 2022 residents should vote for Rabina Khan for Mayor of Tower Hamlets.

Two Essential Videos for Election Week in Tower Hamlets

This first video defies categorisation. However you feel about the message, the medium is just superb.…

Tower Hamlets Mayoral Hustings at Neighbours in Poplar

Mayoral hustings event on Tuesday 27th April courtesy of Neighbours in Poplar

Sutton Street Depot Investigation – Identity of Tenant Still a Secret

Our previous story about Sutton Street Depot has touched a raw nerve or two. But then…

Sutton Street Depot – A Brief History of an Empty Space

Why is the Sutton Street Depot so popular with so many politicians?

Sutton Street Depot – Time for the Metropolitan Police To Solve This Puzzle

An investigation by the Enquirer has revealed multiple issues with leases granted for Sutton Street Depot.

Big Book of Tower Hamlets Maybe Mayors Reviewed

Candidates for Mayor of Tower Hamlets booklets reviewed. Wow.

Tower Hamlets Liberal Democrat Candidates Named

Tower Hamlets Liberal Democrat Candidates Named

Tower Hamlets Conservatives Candidates Named

Tower Hamlets Conservatives have published their list of candidates for the 5th May elections.

Labour’s Housing Claims Fall 1,821 Houses Short

The Labour Party has not delivered 2,000 new homes, more like 225.

Ouch! Lord Hayward Reminds Lutfur Rahman He Is Very Guilty Indeed

Warning: Those of an Aspire Party nature should look away now as the video below will…

Aspire Party Connections of International Think Tank Voice For Global Bangladeshis

Aspire Party leader KM Abutah Chowdhury whose interesting views on history were the subject of our…

Lutfur’s Main Man Wants To Change History To Suit The Aspire Party

Kalam Mahmud Abu Taher Choudhury (aka KM Abutah Chowdhury aka KM Abu Taher Choudhury aka Kalam…

Who Is The Busiest Tower Hamlets Councillor?

Who are the busiest - and the laziest - councillors in Tower Hamlets?

“I Didn’t Just Appear. I Have Always Been Here.”

Rabina Khan kicked off her campaign to be the next Directly-Elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets yesterday.

List of Mayoral Executive Decisions

Moley has made his very own list of Mayoral Executive Decisions!

Whitechapel Station Bangladeshi Language Signs Falling To Bits

The new Bangladeshi language signage at Whitechapel Station is broken and peeling.

The People of Ukraine are Welcome in Tower Hamlets

Links to Homes for Ukraine scheme and other resources.

“I Would Trust Lutfur Rahman With My Life” says Ken Livingstone

Lutfur's campaign launch to be the next Directly Elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets

Wapping Bus Gate Brings In £4.3m Fines But Costs £3m To Maintain

Wapping Bus Gate generates £4.3 million in Penalty Charge Notices in 24 months

UK Labour Raps Mayor’s Knuckles, Comrades Aim For His Knees

Mayor Biggs is in trouble with UK Labour HQ.

Putting the Rot into the Most Rotten of Rotten Boroughs

Tower Hamlets has once more taken its rightful place in Private Eye's 'Rotten Boroughs'.

Tower Hamlets stands with Ukraine

Tower Hamlets is united in our support for Ukraine and its people.

Gardengate – A Solution to the Housing Puzzle?

Part 1 of 2 Gardengate – A Solution to the Housing Puzzle?Part 2 of 2 Gardengate…

Gardengate – What Residents and Whitehall Needs to Know

Part 1 of 2 Gardengate – A Solution to the Housing Puzzle?Part 2 of 2 Gardengate…