About the East End Enquirer

Long, long ago and far, far away (well, E1W) there was a little hyperlocal blog called Love Wapping. 

Love Wapping became known as LW and was quite happily producing tiny little stories about tiny little issues that mattered to nobody apart from some of the 15,000 residents of E1W.

In fact a lot of these stories mattered to nobody at all, not even the Wapping Squirrels, apart from the monthly nuts column.

The one fine days three very nice ladies knocked on the door of LW HQ in Green Bank, Wapping and life rapidly got very complicated indeed.

So complicated that LW had to hire, at great expense, none other than that great detective the Wapping Mole!

Soon LW and Moley were writing stories that were important to all of Tower Hamlets as they seemed to have a knack for investigative journalism.

The years passed, the politicians resigned or were kicked out of office, and LW grew and grew.

One day some nasty people sent some nasty malware to trash the LW website and it was, to use a technical term, stuffed. Every time a malware attack happened it was a three day job to get LW back online.

So the entire editorial team sat down with the Wapping Mole and decided to change things. Due to the damage caused to the LW site it was just not feasible to migrate it to a new hosting provider.

And Love Wapping was not just about Wapping anymore. So the name was pretty daft.

After some soul searching and extensive reference to the Boys Book of Online Publication Titles the name ‘East End Enquirer’ was conceived.

And here it is.

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