Guess Which Borough Has The Worst Booster Take-up?

Yes, no prizes for guessing that Tower Hamlets has the lowest rate of take-up for the 3rd dose ‘booster’ vaccine in the entire UK.

Only 14.6% of the population has got their third jab which is the essential defence against the latest mutation of COVID-19, Omicron.

The highest rate of take-up is in Na h-Eileanan Siar which is in the Outer Hebrides or Western Isles at a scorching 63.5%

Photo at top of page is of the Callanish Stones, they date from about 2900 BC and have never been sullied by a discarded NO2 canister.

Take-Up of Third Dose ‘Booster’ London Boroughs

So you can either get your act together and get your third jab or move to Na h-Eileanan Siar.

And let’s face it the chances of us all fitting on one small island off the coast of Scotland are not great.

The chances of getting Omicron however are very high indeed so – get that third jab.

You can think of it as an early Christmas present to the community, ‘cos while you might not like getting stabbed in the arm on a regular basis the vaccine is the best way to stop the spread of the latest variation of COVID-19.