Don’t let your guard down Johnny! Mayor Biggs caught breaking Covid-19 lockdown

Moley was green with envy this evening when he was sent the link to this marvellous piece of work by the East London News.

Good, innit?

Mayor Biggs and Cllr. Ehtasham Haque going for a nice stroll together first thing on a Saturday morning, the only thing protecting them being the Mayor’s flat cap.

Last time we checked flat caps are not sufficient PPE to stop Covid-19.

Or more importantly from stopping you giving it to other people.

It is quite possible that our dear Mayor completely forget there is a pandemic raging and people are dying left, right and centre but we think that is highly unlikely.

More likely is that he thinks that the rule’s don’t apply to him? A touch of the Dominic Cummings maybe?

Was Cllr. Haque escorting Mayor Biggs to the opticians?

Were they on such urgent business early on a Saturday morning that in their haste they forgot to obey the rules that everyone else is compelled to do?

Or maybe the Mayor of Tower Hamlets just does not give a damn.

Following the rules on lockdown and enforcement?

Only last week Mayor Biggs was chatting to the Evening Standard and said this

“There is a degree of randomness to this because the virus is very wicked. But we have been plugging away at behaviour, following the rules on lockdown and enforcement, reinforcing good behaviour, obviously trying to reach our vulnerable communities with the vaccine.”

Mayor John Biggs

Don’t let your guard down

He also said….

“The infection rates are still four/five times higher than they were last summer but it’s moving in the right direction,” he stressed, before adding in a message to Tower Hamlets residents about the state of the epidemic: “We are making good progress, still very dangerous, so don’t let your guard down.”

Mayor John Biggs

Pass the sick bucket

A sick bucket

Makes you want to puke, doesn’t it?

No doubt a public apology will soon be distributed to everyone else – those who do follow the rules.

Apology not accepted Mr Mayor. This is not casual racism in a Facebook post by one of your junior idiot councillors.

Mayor Biggs must resign

Nothing less than your resignation is acceptable for this massive breach of lockdown rules.

But then doing the right thing is not your strong point, is it?

Note: Thanks to East London News for doing the work on this, sorry we did not ask before using your fine photos!

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