Residents of Bow Tower Block Ordered From Their Homes By Clarion Housing

Residents of Clare House will have to leave their homes because of safety concerns/

Sutton Street Depot Mystery Tenant Identity Revealed Shock!

The Enquirer reveals the identity of the Mystery Tenant for Sutton Street Depot which the Council…

Murder of Sabina Nessa – Police Appeal for Information

Detectives are appealing for information in the murder of Sabina Nessa.

Another Street Murder as Man Stabbed To Death On Isle of Dogs

Police are investigating an incident in East Ferry Road E14 last night where a man was…

Blatant Political Corruption Rampant In Tower Hamlets As Biggs Copies Rahman

Mayor John Biggs is trying to get a lease agreement past his Cabinet despite the tenant…

Brick Lane Truman Brewery Planning Permission Agreed

Brick Lane Truman Brewery planning permission agreed - despite one councillor not being allowed to vote.

Street Robber’s Own Sword Used ‘to Hack Off His Hand’

Alleged serial robbers cornered by E1 residents attempted to hack off hand with own sword.

Cllr Wood Believes Local Councils Are The Way Forward

Cllr Andrew Wood explains how different parts of Tower Hamlets could each have their own local…

Liveable Streets Dead As A Norwegian Blue – Official

The farce that was Liveable Streets is no longer resting, it is dead. Mayor Biggs has…

No Chinese Embassy In Tower Hamlets! Rally 14th September

Rally on Tuesday 14th September to protest against plans to build a new Chinese Embassy at…

Cancer sufferer forced to delay chemotherapy due to council intransigence

Resident suffering from pancreatic cancer forced to delay chemotherapy due to council intransigence.