Street Robber’s Own Sword Used ‘to Hack Off His Hand’

Three youths who had allegedly used a sword in a series of vicious street robberies in E1 had a taste of their own medicine yesterday when one was cornered by local residents who attempted to hacked off his hand with his own weapon.

The alleged street robbers, believed to be from East Ham, have been arrested by Tower Hamlets police after their violent day trip to the East End backfired.

UPDATE: Police are now looking for witnesses to this incident (see tweet below) which took place in Golding Street, E1 at 5.43pm on Sunday and are asking that people with information should call 101, ref 5643/12SEP.

Series of violent street robberies

Local residents say that the three men had committed at least three violent assaults within hours of each other, one man allegedly wielding a sword to terrify his victims.

It is believed these are the same men responsible for a series of increasingly violent robberies during recent weeks.

Their fourth robbery of the day in E1 went badly wrong when they were spotted by angry locals who chased them.

Cornered by residents

Two of the men managed to get away and were later arrested by police but their sword wielding companion was not so lucky.

He was cornered by an angry mob who disarmed him.

It is alleged that his own sword was then used to either partially or fully hack his hand off at the wrist.

Fortunately for the victim the emergency services arrived before he could be further injured.

He was found covered in his own blood from the wounds to his wrist.

A video of the man does exist but is too gruesome to be shown.

The man was given emergency first aid at the scene and then conveyed to a nearby hospital for further treatment. His condition and the full extent of his injuries is not currently known.

The Metropolitan Police Service has been contacted for comment.

12 thoughts on “Street Robber’s Own Sword Used ‘to Hack Off His Hand’

  1. Very sad to see this. How did that happened?
    The real problems are much wider: poverty, low wages, extremely poor education at schools, because above broken family. This kids grow on its own, influenced by violent games on line, movies, criminal adults, ect….poor policing(sometimes), but mostly soft justice system with ridiculous sentencing

    1. You are quite right, this sort of extreme violence is a symptom of wider problems and it makes you wonder if this part of Tower Hamlets has been neglected and criminals allowed to do what they like? No doubt the authorities will deny this but the reality seems to be that residents feel the only way for justice to be served is to dole it out themselves. While there is an immediate emotional reaction to approve of the resident’s actions there is no escaping the reality that if this becomes the norm then there is a real risk of the other norms of behaviour that keeps everything ticking along will be ignored too. Result? Disaster.

  2. Thats a first, All these folk backing a bit of Sharia law! Were coming together people, were coming together!

  3. haha dese man try mess with towers you can expect coming to endz and robbing kids have a taste of your own medicine i own the mandem a big 1

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