Ouch! Lord Hayward Reminds Lutfur Rahman He Is Very Guilty Indeed

Warning: Those of an Aspire Party nature should look away now as the video below will…

Aspire Party Connections of International Think Tank Voice For Global Bangladeshis

Aspire Party leader KM Abutah Chowdhury whose interesting views on history were the subject of our…

Lutfur’s Main Man Wants To Change History To Suit The Aspire Party

Kalam Mahmud Abu Taher Choudhury (aka KM Abutah Chowdhury aka KM Abu Taher Choudhury aka Kalam…

Who Is The Busiest Tower Hamlets Councillor?

Who are the busiest - and the laziest - councillors in Tower Hamlets?

“I Didn’t Just Appear. I Have Always Been Here.”

Rabina Khan kicked off her campaign to be the next Directly-Elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets yesterday.

List of Mayoral Executive Decisions

Moley has made his very own list of Mayoral Executive Decisions!

Whitechapel Station Bangladeshi Language Signs Falling To Bits

The new Bangladeshi language signage at Whitechapel Station is broken and peeling.

The People of Ukraine are Welcome in Tower Hamlets

Links to Homes for Ukraine scheme and other resources.

“I Would Trust Lutfur Rahman With My Life” says Ken Livingstone

Lutfur's campaign launch to be the next Directly Elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets

Wapping Bus Gate Brings In £4.3m Fines But Costs £3m To Maintain

Wapping Bus Gate generates £4.3 million in Penalty Charge Notices in 24 months

UK Labour Raps Mayor’s Knuckles, Comrades Aim For His Knees

Mayor Biggs is in trouble with UK Labour HQ.

Putting the Rot into the Most Rotten of Rotten Boroughs

Tower Hamlets has once more taken its rightful place in Private Eye's 'Rotten Boroughs'.

Tower Hamlets stands with Ukraine

Tower Hamlets is united in our support for Ukraine and its people.

Gardengate – A Solution to the Housing Puzzle?

Part 1 of 2 Gardengate – A Solution to the Housing Puzzle?Part 2 of 2 Gardengate…

Gardengate – What Residents and Whitehall Needs to Know

Part 1 of 2 Gardengate – A Solution to the Housing Puzzle?Part 2 of 2 Gardengate…