Labour’s Housing Claims Fall 1,821 Houses Short

The Labour Party has not delivered 2,000 new homes, more like 225.

Whitechapel Station Bangladeshi Language Signs Falling To Bits

The new Bangladeshi language signage at Whitechapel Station is broken and peeling.

Some Borough Residents Have Been Waiting For Social Housing for 40 Years.

Many borough residents rightfully complain about being on the social housing waiting list for over ten…

Gardengate: Angela Court – not fit for purpose

One indication of why Tower Hamlets local housing vehicle never delivered any local housing has emerged.…

Climate Action Survey Exposes Borough Climate Emergency Declaration As Pure Hot Air

Tower Hamlets bottom of list rating UK councils climate action plans.

Hackney’s Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: Success or Failure?

Hackney Together People's Town Hall Meeting outside Hackney Town Hall on Weds 26 Jan 6pm.

End Of An Era As Chrisp Street Market Shops Start to Close

Chrisp Street market shop closures will begin at the end of January when the Co-op shuts…

Nobody Owns Their View Of The River Thames

There is yet another attempt to restrict access to Tower Bridge Wharf.

Save The Canal Club Community Site From Development

The E2 Canal Club site at Belmont Wharf is under threat of redevelopment.

The Grown-Ups Have Taken Over Liveable Streets

Overview & Scrutiny Committee Liveable Streets session report and analysis.

Open Letter to Cllr Pappu – ‘Do You Not Realise We See What You Do?’

Council gives residents five days notice that it will be discussing #LiveableStreets. They don't learn do…

Clare House: Clarion Housing Answer Some Questions

Last week we asked some questions of Clarion Housing Group about Clare House, here is their…

Liveable Streets Dead As A Norwegian Blue – Official

The farce that was Liveable Streets is no longer resting, it is dead. Mayor Biggs has…

Liveable Streets To Be ‘Paused and Reviewed’ – Biggs

The Liveable Streets aka Low Traffic Networks that have plagued communities have not quite bitten the…

Another Community Leader Tells Tower Hamlets Labour How It Is

Mo Rakib is rarely backward in coming forward with his views and yesterday published a tweet…

Liveable Streets Are About Social Control Not Clean Air

Tower Hamlets Labour Party councillors ignored an open letter from Bethnal Green resident Linda Wilkinson -…

London Cycling Campaign STILL does not reflect London’s diversity (even with no pics)

London Cycling Campaign ditch trustee and staff pics in attempt to hide its lack of diversity.

Cllr. Rabina Khan kicks arse and takes names to get Cable St crossing sorted

Cllr. Rabina Khan has finally got the Cable Street zebra crossing sorted.

Columbia Road LTN – Biggs demonstrates just how much he hates sharing power

Our Mayoral really loves his Executive decisions. Is it the secrecy? The power? Both?

Pop Quiz! Spot the crack in the wall!

This week a special edition of our occasional Pop Quiz competition. How good are you at…

Chisenhale Road Bow victim of latest LTN gentrification by stealth

Unidentified Labour councillors have given verbal support to the Chisenhale Road Learn, Play, Create Community Space.

Liveable Streets news round up! Woo hoo!

Yet another Liveable Streets news round up! Woo hoo! We spoil you, don't we?

Liveable Streets pantomime comes to Shadwell

In Shadwell the next target for the controversial Liveable Streets scheme is being planned after initial…

Wapping Liveable Streets Online Tribunal – Thursday

Wapping Liveable Streets Online Tribunal is being held via Zoom on 7-8pm Thursday 25th February 2021…

Bethnal Green residents demand their councillors stand with them

Bethnal Green residents have published an open letter to their councillors to stand with them against…

Liveable Streets on the brink thanks to London’s cabbies

The trade bodies for London's traditional black cabs have won a significant legal victory against the…

Whitechapel residents Open Letter to ward councillors

Residents of Whitechapel have published an open letter to their ward councillors asking them for support.

£12.3m parking surplus cash boost for council

Tower Hamlets council has increased the revenue from its parking operations by 5% to £12.3m.

Tower Hamlets residents organise to challenge Labour

Borough residents are getting organising and have compiled a list of Labour-held wards to target at…

Desperate Mayor attempts Liveable Streets whitewash

Mayor Biggs is trying to whitewash the consideration of the Liveable Streets petition at council at…

Labour councillor in representing residents views shock!

Ordinary residents are still reeling today after the shock news that a Tower Hamlets Labour councillor…

Brewery development highlights need to clean up Brick Lane

Brick Lane is iconic, it represents the East End and the Bangladeshi community. The Truman Brewery…

Liveable Streets disability consultation sham exposed

An investigation has raised concerns over the validity of the Equality Impact Assessments of the Liveable…

Liveable Streets Bow report approved by Cabinet

Main event of last night's Cabinet meeting was to make a decision on the Liveable Streets…

Attempt to ram through Liveable Streets Bow decision today

Mayor Biggs Cabinet will today attempt to get approval for the Liveable Streets Bow decision through…

Demonstration against London road closures & Liveable Streets Saturday

Protest against London Road closures and Liveable Streets, Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs)on Saturday 19th September 2020.