Ouch! Lord Hayward Reminds Lutfur Rahman He Is Very Guilty Indeed

Warning: Those of an Aspire Party nature should look away now as the video below will be deeply unpleasant viewing for you – ‘cos it is all true!

Moley and other non-Aspire and non-mole residents can sit back and enjoy watching Lord Hayward taking Lutfur Rahman to pieces in the House of Lords today as he forensically destroys Rahman’s claim that he is not guilty of any offences.

This is only a ten minute clip courtesy of Parliamentlive TV but is essential viewing for any voter in the borough, especially the bit where Lord Hayward says that Lutfur Rahman is currently ‘appealing for votes in a sectarian manner in Tower Hamlets.’

(Sectarianism is a political or cultural conflict between two groups. Source: Wikipedia)

Both Ken Livingstone and Baroness Uddin get a name check which is nice for them.

‘Serving himself and his cronies’

One of the least damaging phrases is when Lord Hayward, echoing the wording of the electoral court judgement, makes the observation that by running once more to be Mayor Lutfur Rahman “is not serving the Bangladeshi community in Tower Hamlets he is serving himself and his cronies.”

Which is bang on. Nicely said sir!

The main point that Lord Hayward is getting across is that after conviction Lutfur Rahman “should not have been allowed to contest an election at any point”.

The reason Lutfur only got a five year ban from standing for public office is because that is the maximum allowed under current legislation.

Now, where is the popcorn?

9 thoughts on “Ouch! Lord Hayward Reminds Lutfur Rahman He Is Very Guilty Indeed

  1. Have you seen the election video by Shahed Ali in Whitechapel? He was jailed for five months for fraud and now he’s running for election calling for a “resurrection” and people to “rise up” in a video that seems inspired by the Islamic State caliphate movement. Something needs to be done

    1. I know Shahed personally and he is an OK guy. I doubt he is doing anything to do with Islamic State somehow. Mark

  2. When are you guys going to start digging into the corrupt mps that cheat on their wives and get told off for wearing a mask?

  3. Disgraced TH mayor Lutfur is backed by Baroness Uddin – a thief and Mayor Livingstone – a known antisemite; a dream team indeed.

  4. As always, an Asian plus Muslim being single out.
    Forgetting all other MPs corrupt practices that go’s on.
    Nothing new!!!.

    1. What do you expect? Picking a Welsh sheep farmer from the slopes of Snowdon and taking him to court for the corruption in Tower Hamlets elections? You might try growing up, could help you enormously.

    1. The number of comments being made recently which are not worthy of a child, let alone an adult, continues to rise. Do you want another attempt and see if you can construct a sentence that is comprehensible? Thanks!

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