Who Is The Busiest Tower Hamlets Councillor?

Just in time for the May elections we have some numbers for you to examine before you cast your vote.

Below you will see how many Members Enquiries (MEs) each councillor has submitted since 2018. An ME is simply a formal request by a councillor to Tower Hamlets Council for information.

You can read more analysis of this data on the website of Cllr (and Independent Mayoral candidate) Andrew Wood here Which councillors do the least work? and you can download the original data that Andrew has produced here.

Many thanks to Andrew yet again for doing this.

As Andrew points out this is looking at only one aspect of a councillor’s duties and is not a perfect indication of what they do, but Mole thinks it is a pretty good one.

And so on to the results! Drum roll please!

Overall results – Cllr Rabina Khan wins again

No surprise whatsoever that the busiest councillor in the borough is Shadwell councillor (and Liberal Democrat Mayoral candidate) Rabina Khan. As you can see she has a yearly average number of MEs of 551 and a total of 2,205 submitted.

Cllr. Rabina Khan with protestors demonstrating outside Ballymore HQ in Marsh Wall, Tower Hamlets.
Cllr. Rabina Khan with protestors demonstrating outside Ballymore HQ in Marsh Wall, Tower Hamlets.

And also it was predictable that Marc Francis (Labour, Bow East) came a close second with a yearly average of 534 and a total of 2,136.

Cllr Marc Francis

Very well done to both and good to know how industrious our councillors can be. Maybe Rabina and Marc could tell some other councillors about this?

If we had better social landlords in the borough it is likely that all councillors work (well, those that do any) would be cut drastically.

CouncillorParty2018/20192019/20202020/20212021/Feb 2022TotalYearly AverageOverall Rank
Khan, RabinaLiberal Democrat4076154707132,2055511
Francis, MarcLabour5696254644782,1365342
Islam, SirajulLabour3762912281841,0792703
Blake, RachelLabour2092062383189712434
Das, DipaLabour167192194746271575
Whitehead, ValLabour1641991201286111536
King, JamesLabour1431421471085401357
Wood, AndrewIndependent1001461561315331338
McQuillan, EveLabour147971041364841219
Miah , Ayas Labour1008013313044311110
Chowdhury, Shad UddinLabour5811614112343811011
Miah, PuruIndependent (was Labour)202164343643610912
Ronald, CandidaLabour11710010210242110513
Edgar, DavidLabour137120648640710214
Bustin, MufeedahLabour9754721703939815
Golds, PeterConservative8414391403589016
Chowdhury, KaharLabour838984913478717
Tomlinson, DanLabour10510676593468718
Begum, AsmaLabour5811073703117819
Islam, AsmaLabour647783843087720
Khan, Tarik AhmedLabour998688212947421
Salva-Macallan, GabrielaLabour404893652466222
Hassell, DannyLabour786940522396023
Brady, KevinLabour517057502285724
Obaze, VictoriaLabour613455702205525
White, BexLabour416065271934826
Ameen, Shah SuhelLabour544024551734327
Uz-Zaman, MotinLabour723221301553928
Perry, Kyrsten DanielleLabour95146341403529
Haque, EhtashamLabour332150131172930
Ahmed, Faroque MahfuzLabour293731201172931
Pappu, Mohammed IqbalLabour753527922332
Alam, SufiaLabour23251819852133
Uddin, HelalLabour2825209822134
Jones, DeniseLabour24103710812035
Hossain, Mohammed AhbabLabour21113216802036
Ali, AminaLabour441125711837
Ahmed, RajibLabour3231522631638
Mukit, AbdulLabour1721415481239
Rahman, ZenithLabour15211028740
Qureshi, Leema OmarLabour852116441
Miah, HarunLabour-72110342
Ullah, AbdalLabour4228243

What is the point of Cllr Abdal Ullah?

Oh dear. How sad is this? With an average number of two (yes, two) MEs submitted a year and a grand total of only eight (yes, eight) in four years residents may wonder just what is the point of Cllr Abdal Ullah (Labour, SKD & Wapping)?

None that we are aware of.

Councillor Abdal Ullah

Looking at these absymal numbers a resident might wonder why on earth he bothers being a councillor?

Because he seems to do not a damn thing.

Mole is pretty sure that if Councillor Ullah was not best buddies with Mayor Biggs he would not be a Labour candidate because he is an electoral liability for Tower Hamlets Labour.

But he is best buddies and will no doubt be acting as the Mayor’s chauffeur during the election as he usually does.

Let’s hope his political opponents in SKD & Wapping make the most of the way he treats his residents with total and utter contempt – until he wants their vote of course!

Hopefully we will have something more on Councillor Ullah before the elections.