Political Career of Apsana Begum All But Over After Ward Rejection

The political career of Apsana Begum MP is all but over after failing to win support from even a single ward in her Poplar and Limehouse constituency.

The last two wards to vote, Canary Wharf and Bromley South, have voted against her re-selection as MP giving her a clean-sweep of “Null points” in the great traditions of UK Eurovision Song Contest entries.

Er… that’s it.

The Labour Party trigger ballot process decides either to let the MP stand as the Labour candidate again without needing to face other challengers or to make the MP go through a full re-selection process.

By failing to win the support of any wards Ms. Begum is unlikely to be chosen to be the next Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for Poplar and Limehouse unless there is some outside intervention.

Her fate was sealed after over 80 female Muslim Labour Party members from Limehouse sent a letter to UK Labour leadership objecting to the way in which, in their view, normal democratic procedure was being portrayed as a campaign of misogynistic harassment by Ms. Begum and her supporters without any evidence to support their claims.

In short she has shot herself in the foot, carefully reloaded her gun and then shot herself in the other foot just to be sure.

This article by Puru Miah How Apsana lost the ‘Enthusiasm’ of Poplar & Limehouse really shows the madness of the conspiracy allegations.

Another ‘one woman shortlist’ soon?

The fun and games as to who will be in the running to be selected as the next Labour PPC for Poplar and Limehouse is no doubt already underway.

It will be interesting to see if Labour does provide its members with a proper choice from the many exceptionally talented female candidates available or once again the farce of the ‘one woman shortlist’ that produced Ms Begum as the PPC last time round will be in evidence again.

No comment

As with all our other recent stories relating to Ms Begum there is no comment from her on this story as she refuses to engage with East End Enquirer via email or social media.

There again the new Aspire Party administration does the same thing so at least she is consistent.

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  1. What about just having a list of talented people? It is the restricted lists that produce the Apsanas of this world.

    1. Wow! Where do you come up with all this nonsense? No idea what political party you belong to but it’s opponents must love you.

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