Letter from Muslim women members of Poplar & Limehouse Labour Party

Late on Sunday evening when we were just finishing writing the previous story about Apsana Begum MP we were told of a quite extraordinary development, a letter from approximately 80 Muslim women members of Poplar & Limehouse Constituency Labour Party to UK Labour Party about Apsana Begum’s behaviour.

The Enquirer does not have a copy of the letter yet but we were told of the contents and managed to get a couple of verbatim quotes.

Letter from Muslim women members of Poplar & Limehouse Constituency Labour Party to UK Labour Party 26 June 2022

The letter starts by condemning the attempt by ‘MPs and factions of the Labour Party’ to categorise their democratic right to criticise their MP as being misogynist, Islamophobic and racist.

In short the allegation is that these claims are being made to thwart the democratic process and the constitutional rights of the members, because Apsana is losing the trigger ballots.

“It saddens us to see our religion and gender being used for factional politics and to suppress democracy.”

The signatories say that they are ‘confused by the allegations that even Labour Party members who are Bangladeshi women who did not or will not vote for Apsana’ do so because they are misogynistic.

Most of the members who took part in the trigger ballot process were of Bengali Muslim heritage. But now they are condemned as racist Islamophobes despite having the same ethnic identity as Apsana.

The women are urging the party to hold her to account as per the Nolan principle of public life.

“It is with deep regret we note that Apsana has not only failed to hold regular surgeries, and respond to public queries on current issues – for example, the cost of living crisis and the pandemic, but she is also now getting her factional support to weaponise our religious and gender identity for her political benefit.”

Apsana failed to campaign for Labour candidates and was nowhere to be seen on the streets.

“To date, she has failed to win a single ward. This is because she has not been an effective MP in the constituency and has been a failure in her role. Members are unhappy with her, and she has not bothered connecting with them to understand the reasons for their unhappiness and seeing how she can improve her communication channels with the membership and constituents.”

The letter concludes by making the point that at all meetings, Regional and CLP Executive officers were present to observe and no impropriety was reported.

24 thoughts on “Letter from Muslim women members of Poplar & Limehouse Labour Party

  1. Excellent reporting which cuts through the rubbish spouted by the likes Claudia Webb, Diane Abbott and The Guardian. Carry on.

    1. Apsana Begum is a very hardworking MP representing all sections of our community. Her attendance at parliament, casework, speaking out and holding the Government to account is second to none!
      There is a group of people who were unhappy in the process through which she was selected as the MP candidate for Poplar and Limehouse are now trying to deselect her, so that they could throw their hats in the ring.

      I’m no fan of Apsana and don’t necessarily agree with her politics, but she is a local girl born, breaded and educated in Tower Hamlets. She is well connected with the grassroot politics of Tower Hamlets and is fully aware of the issues affecting the community at large. Ever since a young age she has been holding her Dad’s hand attending political meetings and rally’s. She is better placed to represent the people of Tower Hamlets then some of the other opportunists trying to jump on the band wagon.

      I say leave her alone and give her a chance to have a fair crack at the whip.

      1. Seriously? You seriously believe what you have written? If she is so hard working why does she not have a constituency office? Think you have drunk the Kool Aid!

          1. By which you mean what exactly? Do you honestly think I would publish the BS numerous politicians and activist would love me to print to further their cause? I work for residents, nobody else. Don’t like what I write? Then don’t read it.

        1. As if we don’t have enough right-wing media – here’s you with yet another one. As a journalist myself I can see the attraction – there’s many more jobs on the right as that’s where the cash is. But much of it isn’t journalism it’s propaganda and often racist – just look at what’s happened to the Times.

      2. She has never had a proper job in her life, was and is a Momentum stooge, is not the sharpest knife in the draw or the brightest bulb in the box. She is being sued by her former husband for slander after the first time she raised the issue of domestic violence was when she was in the witness box at her trial where the jury came to the wrong verdict. She is a liar and a fraud.

  2. Apsana Begum is one of the few parts of the Labour Party still worth saving. The fact she is being targeted for abuse by a rotten faction within is not at all surprising.

  3. Fictionalism, labour cllrs past housing stiching up and greediness of others candidates is trying to deselect her so they became prominent. Other prominent figure trying to come through back door. This all is the problems. Wake up fight for right too.

  4. No mention of the totally shameful legal proceedings issued against her and the racist rubbish she has had to endure stemming from that

    1. Say whaaaaaaaat? Did you read both pieces? I did cover the trial of Apsana Begum for housing fraud of which she was acquitted, but as my story clearly says part of the problem here – actually the problem – is people conflating that case with Apsana Begum’s current situation. Sure it’s convenient to lump the two issues together but it is also misleading. And as I asked in the story, where is the evidence of the current alleged campaign? You seen any? You got any?

      1. When this kind of abuse was levelled against Luciana Berger , a jewish women MP who was parachuted in it was rightly called out for its racist and ant semitic undertones. But so many people like yourself are doing the same thing to a Muslim women MP in broad daylight. Why is this not being clinical apsana begum obsession icannot be called unhealthy, racist. Apsana was born in the local area , unlike Luciana. Will be there even if she isnt an MP. The local labour party tried to jail her and lost, lost the mayoral election, might lose the next MP elections if Aspire puts in a candidate.

        1. What? Do you believe in Big Foot and fairies living at the bottom of the garden too?

    2. As a person of Asian origin I would be very interested to see evidence of this racial harrassment, the has been extensive reference to it but no examples. May we have some?

  5. Compare between rush and Apsana I fund Apsana is better then rush and I think because of she is Muslim right winger members don’t support her

    1. This doesn’t make a lot of sense to be honest, but if you think Apsana Begum is better than Rushanara Ali then your judgement has to be questioned.

  6. When Labour party won in Batley and Spen, remember how Starmer’s outriders framed it as a new electoral pact and called how it doesn’t need the Muslim vote . Now all of a sudden , after losing the mayoral seat, its changed its tune now .. This is all like a bunch of stupid fat turkeys voting for x mas. Village politics of the worst kind. We know its just to get Suzy Stride in to that seat. … you know of the Harka name…

    1. I do know of the Poplar HARCA name. And I know how to spell it too. So let’s get this nonsense theory you are pushing straight, the whole thing with Apsana Begum is a plot to get Suzy Stride selected as PPC for Poplar & Limehouse? You crazy!

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