New Tower Hamlets Council Cabinet Announced

One of the few perks of community journalism in this borough is publishing details of the new Cabinet every four years. It is not just an honour, it is a privilege. Or has Moley got this confused with something else?

The new Speaker of the Council is Whitechapel Cllr Shafi Ahmed.

Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Education and Lifelong Learning(Statutory Deputy Mayor)Cllr Maium Talukdar
Resources and the Cost of LivingCllr Saied Ahmed
Regeneration, Inclusive Development and HousebuildingCllr Kabir Ahmed
Safer CommunitiesCllr Ohid Ahmed
Environment and the Climate EmergencyCllr Kabir Hussain
Health, Wellbeing and Social CareCllr Gulam Kibria Choudhury
Jobs, Skills and GrowthCllr Abu Talha Choudhury
Equalities and Social InclusionCllr Suluk Ahmed
Culture and RecreationCllr Iqbal Hossain

You can see the meeting on the webcast library here but at the time of publication this was being archived. Whatever that means.

How to waste 30 minutes of your life

One of the most fundamental services a local authority is supposed to provide is providing residents with easy access to all information so that they can see what is going on.

Irrespective of the politicians in charge of Tower Hamlets Council it is virtually impossible to find information. Looking for a simple list of the new Cabinet members took us 30 minutes and we only managed that because Andrew Wood had tweeted the section title.

If you would like to find out how painful this experience is you can either try searching yourself or follow the instructions below.

First you have to go to this page then you have to scroll down and find this section 7. MAYOR’S CABINET AND EXECUTIVE ARRANGEMENTS and below that this link Appendix 1 for the Mayors Executive Scheme of Delegation and then within that document (still with us?) scroll down to this section 5. THE COMPOSITION OF THE EXECUTIVE and then look at 5.1 The Executive shall consist of ten (10) people, namely the Mayor and nine (9) Cabinet Members.

It took me at least 30 minutes to find this document because of all the junk on the Annual Meeting, Council – Wednesday, 25th May, 2022 7.00 p.m. page.

Burying information like this is wrong. No excuses.