Labour Tells Lutfur to Solve His Party’s Gender Problems By Himself

In a direct response to the new Mayor’s request to borrow some female Labour councillors ‘cos he hasn’t got any in his Cabinet (or anywhere for that matter) as previously reported here, Cllr Amina Ali has written a cracking letter which you will no doubt enjoy!

You can see the full letter at the bottom of the page, but Moley has also reproduced the second and third paragraphs for your total enjoyment.

Take it away Cllr Amina!

On behalf of the 10 incredibly hardworking women in the Labour Group, we acknowledge your offer to be included in your cabinet. It should go without saying that Labour feels – both nationally and in Tower Hamlets – that having women representatives at all levels of elected office is extremely important. As the leader of your party, had you considered selecting women and other ethnic groups a priority in your election strategy, perhaps you would not now have to look elsewhere to diversify your cabinet.

As you have rightly pointed out, the people of Tower Hamlets have had their say on who they want to lead the borough and have given you the mayoralty and a majority on the council. However disappointing it is that you have an all-male group, we do not believe it is our responsibility to solve your party’s issues on gender parity.

Kind regards,

Cllr Amina Ali,
Deputy Leader of the Labour Group

That’s him told!