Hypocrisy of Mayor Lutfur Rahman Laid Bare For All To See

Last night Moley noticed a lot of replies to a tweet by our new Mayor Lutfur Rahman on Twitter but as @EastEndEnquirer has been blocked by @LutfurRahmanTH for some time Moley could not see what the original tweet was.

Then one of Mole’s best chums sent him the text of Rahman’s original tweet. Here it is.

"I want a cabinet that represents all of Tower Hamlets.

That's why today I wrote to my former party, @TH_Labour, inviting women councillors from the Labour group to join my administration."

Amendment 16.08hrs 19 May 2022. Missed out the last line of this tweet which was “Let’s rebuild this borough constructively.”

Say what?

What planet is this guy on?

Here’s the Aspire candidate line-up. Notice anything? Yep, only one woman.

Aspire Party candidates 2020

Which highlights the fact that this statement ‘I want a cabinet that represents all of Tower Hamlets’ is a bare-faced lie.

Mayor Rahman does not want any women in his cabinet otherwise he would have had lots more female candidates. Reasonable assumption?

Or as @jenny_symmons said:

Followed by:

Three out of forty four

Three female candidates out of 44 and all three in seats that Aspire had little chance in. (Jenny should know as she was an unsuccessful Labour candidate in Bromley South to the surprise of pretty much everyone.)

If more female Aspire candidates had stood for office then more females might have got elected and Rahman could have put them in his cabinet instead of grovelling to the local Labour Party asking to borrow some of theirs.

By lying in such a way he turns his back on women who still face gender-based discrimination in their jobs, on the street, even in their own home every day of the week.

On the campaign trail Lutfur Rahman will gladly shake a woman’s hand because he wants their vote. Once he has their vote he shuns them.

The coming weeks will show how many of the new Aspire Party councillors treat women in the same way as their leader when women in their wards ask for help.

Instead Rahman seems to think – or whatever the idiot with room temperature IQ who wrote the tweet thinks – that he can borrow some women from Tower Hamlets Labour.

They can then give Rahman’s administration some legitimacy before they dutifully potter home when he tells them to.

Last time Moley checked there are no women in Tower Hamlets Labour who would agree to be used in this way.

There are quite a few, if not all, who would tell Mayor Rahman where he could shove his appeal.

With hardly any delay Lutfur Rahman has shown his true colours.

He does not want to represent all of Tower Hamlets.

He just wants to represent those who might be of use to him.

Well, not really. He just wants to represent his mates. His male mates.

Every woman in this borough should take note of this sexist aberration and remember that this man claims to represent them.

Does he? Does he represent you? Does he represent your daughters?

And every woman in this borough who voted for Lutfur Rahman should now consider the consequences of their actions.

You voted for it, so you own it.

5 thoughts on “Hypocrisy of Mayor Lutfur Rahman Laid Bare For All To See

  1. Same guy that said this :


    Looking at Elliott and his team who have been campaigning for months, not just the last few weeks like Aspire and Labour, it is hard not to think that maybe this election might see the start of a revival of Conservative fortunes in Tower Hamlets.

    Those voters abandoning Aspire and Labour (and there seems to be quite a few) will be looking for a new political home and the Liberal Democrats led by Cllr Rabina Khan and the Conservatives led by Elliott Weaver may offer just that.


  2. Labour people word on the ground is they are expecting at least one Asma to join the Lutfur cabinet.

  3. Looks like Lutfur is back at it taking the voters that elected him in for fools. Personally i think its a publicity to stunt to show he is all inclusive and open. But Labour have no business criticising him either. Majority of their candidates lacked enthusiasm and did not appeal to the residents hence why Aspire gained soo many seats.

    Rumour has it that Ohid Ahmed will make his infamous return as Stat. Deputy Mayor and do all of Lutfurs heavy lifting in the Town Hall whilst Lutfur continues to play the celebrity whilst other loyal Lutfur foot soldiers like Maium Miah and Kabir Ahmed will be rewarded with senior cabinet roles for their loyalty during the election.

    I am strongly fearful that an all bengali cabinet will not represent Tower Hamlets properly. How will Lutfur support the LGBT+ community? How will he tackle domestic violence and other pressing issues women face in Tower Hamlets without a credible woman in his cabinet?

    If Labour and the Greens reject Lutfurs public offer to work in his cabinet. We will have a serious diversity struggle in our borough.

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