Tower Hamlets Conservatives Candidates Named

With only four weeks to go before the Mayoral and local elections on 5th May the Tower Hamlets Conservatives have published their list of candidates which you can see below.

Diverse, young and inclusive are the three words that best describe the Conservative candidate lineup, compare and contrast with the Aspire Party.

The Conservative candidate for Mayor is Elliott Weaver who breaks tradition – and Conservative stereotypes – by usually wearing a hoodie in his photos which immediately makes him and his party more in touch with a wider range of voters.

See below the candidate list for our analysis.

Tower Hamlets Conservatives Candidates
Mayoral Candidate
Elliott Weaver
Council Candidates
Bethnal Green East
Ben Hack
Dinah Glover
Sam Hall
Bethnal Green West
Bernard Magny
Angela Magny
Lucy Hamilton
Blackwall and Cubitt Town
Matthew Miles
Sofia Sousa
Nick Vandyke
Bow East
Robin Edwards
Lesley Lincoln
Imogen Sinclair
Bow West
Desmond Ellerbeck
Mariem Sarghini
Bromley North
Jonathan Gillespie
Mohammed Rahman
Bromley South
Indigo Atherton
Stephen Charge
Canary Wharf
Samia Hersi
Frances Germain-Powell
Island Gardens
Cllr Peter Golds
Callum Murphy
Akbar Ali
Paul Ingham
Crissy Townsend
David Garside
Mile End
Shah Alam
Craig Aston
Srikanth Rajgopal
Dominic Nolan
Tara Hussain
Daryl Stafford
Spitalfields and Banglatown
Tim Lowe
Shamin Miah
St Dunstan’s
Edward Brown
Adrian Thompson
St Katharine’s and Wapping
Jane Emmerson
Neil King
Stepney Green
Stephen Altoum
Panagiotis Koutroumpis
Moulay Yassin Essayoi
Elliott Weaver
Michael Dormer
Mustafa Riaz Khan
Nikola Sulca


Looking at Elliott and his team who have been campaigning for months, not just the last few weeks like Aspire and Labour, it is hard not to think that maybe this election might see the start of a revival of Conservative fortunes in Tower Hamlets.

Those voters abandoning Aspire and Labour (and there seems to be quite a few) will be looking for a new political home and the Liberal Democrats led by Cllr Rabina Khan and the Conservatives led by Elliott Weaver may offer just that.

Diverse, young, inclusive. Tower Hamlets Conservatives hit the streets.

Certainly this borough needs many more opposition councillors whoever is in power.

One point that applies to all political parties in Tower Hamlets is to forget their Westminster politics labels. They have little meaning.

Those who would under no circumstances vote for the current Conservative government should look at the track record of Cllr Peter Golds who works his socks off for anyone of any party who comes to him seeking help and advice.

As stated before in the Enquirer with more councillors like Peter Golds this borough would be much better served by its council.

The fact that Peter Golds is a Conservative is pretty much irrelevant at a borough level.

And before the comments explode there is no way this author would vote Conservative in a general election. So there.

Judge politicians on what they do, not their party colours.

Why so cheerful? Do the Tower Hamlets Conservative team know something we don’t?

Politics in Tower Hamlets has in recent years been dominated by the shapeless left of centre blob that contains the Lutfur Rahman fan club and Tower Hamlets Labour.

Have a look at your streets and recent newspaper headlines to see how well that is working out.

All most voters want in their council is basic competence. Anything else would be a welcome bonus.

5 thoughts on “Tower Hamlets Conservatives Candidates Named

  1. Is the Conservative candidate in Mile end Shah Alom and not Alam? Shah alom was previously a councillor for tower hamlets first then switched to PATh and now standing for conservatives??????

    1. Shah Alam is what it says. I understand your thinking that might be someone else as it does, er, happen sometimes! And of course Alam can be spelt Alom.

      1. Mark baynes.
        Sorry to say, your spelling is wrong.the name can be same,but details and idology is different. shah alam is correct spelt.

    2. Mr david, sorry to say ,you are wrong.this candidate name is md shah alam.spelling is right.but previous shah alam is another one .he is not conservative .now running conservative councillor candidate name is shah alam.details is can be same but idology is different.anyway vote for conservative please.thanks

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