2022 Tower Hamlets Final Election Results

It may be that there are weirder election count days than this but we doubt it somehow.

Below you can see all the results which we have taken from the official results page which you can find over here.

Final scores on the doors across the borough are as below. And yes the Green Party have won a seat! Well done them.

PartySeats% of votes
 Labour Party1936.53%
 Green Party19.00%
 Liberal Democrats08.92%

These are the detailed results.

WardsElected candidatesElected party or parties
Bethnal Green EastSirajul Islam Labour Party
Bethnal Green EastAhmodul Kabir Aspire
Bethnal Green EastRebaka Sultana Labour Party
Bethnal Green WestMusthak Ahmed Aspire
Bethnal Green WestAbu Talha Chowdhury Aspire
Bethnal Green WestMiraj Amin Rahman Aspire
Blackwall & Cubitt TownAhmodur Rahman Khan Aspire
Blackwall & Cubitt TownAbdul Malik Aspire
Blackwall & Cubitt TownMuhammad Bellal Uddin Aspire
Bow EastAmina Ali Labour Party
Bow EastRachel Nancy Blake Labour Party
Bow EastMarc Francis Labour Party
Bow WestAsma Begum Labour Party
Bow WestNathalie Sylvia Bienfait Green Party
Bromley NorthMuhammad Saif Uddin Khaled Aspire
Bromley NorthAbdul Mannan Aspire
Bromley SouthBodrul Islam Choudhury Aspire
Bromley SouthShahaveer Hussain Labour Party
Canary WharfSaied Ahmed Aspire
Canary WharfMohammed Maium Miah Talukdar Aspire
Island GardensMufeedah Bustin Labour Party
Island GardensPeter Stacey Golds Conservative
LansburyAbul Monsur Ohid Ahmed Aspire
LansburyJahed Choudhury Aspire
LansburyIqbal Hossain Aspire
LimehouseJames Robert Venables King Labour Party
Mile EndLeelu Ahmed Labour Party
Mile EndMohammad Saifur Rahman Chowdhury Labour Party
Mile EndSabina Khan Labour Party
PoplarGulam Kibria Choudhury Aspire
ShadwellAna Miah Aspire
ShadwellMohammad Harun Miah Aspire
Spitalfields & BanglatownSuluk Ahmed Aspire
Spitalfields & BanglatownKabir Hussain Aspire
St Dunstan'sMaisha Fahmida Begum Labour Party
St Dunstan'sAyas Miah Labour Party
St Katharine's & WappingAmy Louise Lee Labour Party
St Katharine's & WappingMuhammad Abdal Ullah Labour Party
Stepney GreenSabina Akhtar Labour Party
Stepney GreenMohammed Abdul Wahid Ali Aspire
WeaversKabir Ahmed Aspire
WeaversAsma Islam Labour Party
WhitechapelMd Faroque Mahfuz Ahmed Labour Party
WhitechapelShafi Uddin Ahmed Aspire
WhitechapelMohammed Kamrul Hussain Aspire

Err… that’s it really.

8 thoughts on “2022 Tower Hamlets Final Election Results

  1. After Biggs LTN and so many road closures, gentrification it was no surprised Aspire were going to win. The borough wanted anything but more of Biggs. I am shocked for Andrew Woods! We need him in this borough, absolutely gutted.

  2. Maybe you should concentrate on the corrupt maggots in Aspire than hounding innocent council workers who are dying of cancer you fucking maggot

    1. Thanks for that! Can you specify which council worker dying of cancer I am hounding please? As far as I am aware I am not hounding any. Cheers!

  3. Val Whitehead’s little project of turning her back garden into an oasis of peace, by closing the Skew Bridge, whilst clogging up Roman Road, St Stephens Road and Tredegar Road with traffic over the weekend (and most other times of the weekdays) cost her this election.
    How did she think she could get away with this?

  4. Tower Hamlets Mayoral election turnout was 41.92%.
    (NB: A year ago, on very nearly the same turn out – 41.79% – Tower Hamlets voted to retain the role of Mayor by 63,029 votes to 17,951).
    So Mayor Biggs wanted to abolish the executive mayor model – through fear of a Lutfur Rahman comeback – but when the vote was to keep the executive mayor he rediscovered his love of this governance model – hypocrisy is never a good look. It didn’t help that Mayor Biggs had spent years defunding youth services, nurseries and community groups. And he didn’t endear himself to Council workers by enforcing a fire and rehire scheme in the middle of a pandemic.
    Now that John Biggs moves into retirement expect a messy, vicious battle to fill the local Labour leadership vacuum.

  5. Time for change, locally. Bye bye Biggy, the people of Tower Hamlets have spoken!

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