It’s Ward Count Day – This Could Get Very Messy

Are you a Labour candidate? Are you looking forward to the results of the ward elections in Tower Hamlets today? Have you arranged a victory party with all your comrades and family this evening?

In that case you are showing the same level of delusion that resulted in John Biggs being cut off at the knees by Lutfur Rahman yesterday.

Our advice? Go do something different somewhere else.

Of course all predictions of a Tower Hamlets Labour Party massacre could be wrong but we don’t think so.

Let’s see what happens shall we?

You may need a very strong stomach.

2 thoughts on “It’s Ward Count Day – This Could Get Very Messy

  1. Aspire: 24 (+23)
    Labour: 19 (-21)
    Conservatives: 1
    Lib Dems: 0 (-1)
    Green: 1 (+1)
    Independent: 0 (-1)

    Whatever way you look at it, it’s an absolutely stunning result.

  2. Truth is Labour have been out of touch nationally too and we saw that first locally in the Weavers by election when Aspire won following the LTN controversy in an area that didn’t need roads closing. Proper consulting was not done and residents don’t like that in a democracy.

    They lost voters on their election tricks of only turning up during election and the priority of private property developers over local residents. Well done to Aspire and hopefully they will work hard, we need to give them the time to achieve results for the residents here.

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