Save The Canal Club Community Site From Development

Is it not odd that in a borough under the control of a supposedly socialist administration that every five minutes sees another community resource destroyed?

Residents wanting to fight this can do so by signing the Refurbish not demolish: Save the Canal Club community site! petition.

The Canal Club site at Belmont Wharf, E2 9HP was purchased by the Greater London Council (GLC) in the 70s and given to the Wellington Estate as an extension for recreation.

Now the council plans to flatten it, much as the Luftwaffe did to the wood wharf that stood on the original site.

Wildlife Spotted Board at Canal Club

At least during the Blitz the people of the East End knew who the enemy was.

Now the council wants to build, you guessed it, flats on the site.

The council’s argument is that our borough desperately needs new homes (it does) and that the only option to build them is on sites like the Canal Club (it is not).

This is all very well explained here on the petition site.

Reality is that Tower Hamlets council could not build a Lego house in a Lego shop, let alone a real house, and the “It’s not our fault, it’s the government!” excuse – and it is an excuse – is wearing very thin.

Instead of thinking and building big, the council fills in a little gap here and a tiny gap there with a few flats with the result that there is no change in the length of time people have to wait for social housing.

So if you want another community space blitzed then sit on your fat arse and do nothing on Christmas Day and wait for your community to be trashed next.

Or you could put that Twiglet and mince pie sandwich to one side and sign the Refurbish not demolish: Save the Canal Club community site! petition.

You might even get an extra present next year.

Merry Christmas to both our loyal readers!

Copyright of all images shamelessly borrowed from the Canal Club site acknowledged.