Aspen Court families deserve to know why their loves ones died

As with most issues Tower Hamlets council made all the right noises to the families of those who died at Aspen Court during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic – but have not actually done anything.

As a result Amanda Henry and Kim Nottage have resorted to starting a petition calling for an enquiry into the treatment of residents at Aspen Court Care Home.

Cllr. Rabina Khan (Lib Dems, Shadwell) has been actively supporting Amanda and Kim in contrast to the council who have done… well, not much!

And guess what, a second wave of the pandemic is upon us and LBTH still hasn’t learnt anything from the first one.

as it may well be the only way Tower Hamlets residents will ever find out what happened at Aspen Court.

Only in Tower Hamlets, huh?

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2 thoughts on “Aspen Court families deserve to know why their loves ones died

  1. So proud of my sister Kim who has worked tirelessly to get justice for my mum who died in Aspen Court. Sadly she is one of far too many people that were placed in the care of ‘professionals’.

  2. Being 1 of 4, Kim has really stepped up for us all in the fight to get justice for our wonderful mum who we all miss everyday. We now need answers to what happened to her so we can start our grieving process.

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