ASB idiots happily breaching coronavirus (Covid-19) measures

While the rest of the planet is locked-down battling the global coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic the Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) idiots seem to think they are exempt.

Two Tower Hamlets residents posted photographs on Twitter showing that these people are doing what they like – as usual.

Apart from littering our neighbourhoods they are also highly likely to be breaching the coronavirus measures in place to try and beat the pandemic and in so doing putting the rest of us at risk.

Some of the photos were taken at Shadwell Basin adjacent to the church, an area well know for persistent ASB.

Inform police about breach of coronavirus (Covid-19) measures

As life for the rest of us who do obey the law is a bit, well, quiet, why not make use of being locked-in by reporting these incidents to the Metropolitan Police about a possible breach of coronavirus (Covid-19) measures online here?

It’s fun and easy to do and will hopefully lead to the culprits getting bounced by the police and then suffering the ultimate sanction – a visit to their parents.


You can then take your single daily exercise content in the knowledge that you have caused the ASB kids some major grief and may well have stopped further spread of coronavirus.