Many of the social media comments about the allegations made by Mark Edmunds at the East London Employment Tribunal which came to light in our news stories here and here can be summed up in one word. Denial.
Oh ok, its a Bank Holiday Weekend so let’s have two words – complete denial.
Some have been keen to try and pin the blame on Tower Hamlets First. Trouble is our initial analysis indicates that around 80% of the alleged incidents took place after Lutfur Rahman was dismissed from office.

A summary of this weeks events. Note made by LW Court Reporter in margin of witness statement of Mark Edmunds.

At the height of Love Wapping’s investigations into exactly what Lutfur Rahman, the previous directly-elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets, and his chums had got up to the comments on Twitter and Facebook were very similar in tone to those of this week.
Which just goes to show that the truth is often hard to deal with.

Two choices. Or maybe three

Those currently in complete denial have two choices.
First choice is to continue with the whole denial thing and see how you feel as your political world crumbles around you.
Few if any will pity you, but at least you won’t look quite as daft as you do now.
Second choice is to quit with the denial thing, face up to facts and get your political world fixed.
It is very unlikely that this will happen for one simple reason. If any of the numerous allegations made by Mark Edmunds are proved true it will become apparent that the deniers stood by fully aware of what was happening and did nothing.
Our bet is that most of the deniers will choose option three – they will not do a damn thing. They will continue to deny the facts while at the same time showing themselves lacking the moral courage to do the right thing. So they will condemn themselves twice.
And that is after they are condemned by the residents of Tower Hamlets.
If any of the allegations are proved. Natch.
The spirits of the deniers will be not be in any way dampened by a simple fact. The allegations made by Mark Edmunds are just trickles of water leaking through a very old dam. That dam is just about to fail and the floodwaters will pour through.
How does LW know? Because that is what we do.
The hearing continues on Tuesday next week.