At Last Some Truths? Shamima Begum: The Blame Game Podcast

Shamima Begum, who fled to Tower Hamlets to join Islamic State in 2015, is the subject of a new podcast by ITV News Global Security Editor Rohit Kachroo.

Everyone in Tower Hamlets needs to listen to this podcast, especially parents.

Enquirer staff have been following and investigating this case since it began and although we are only listening to Episode 1: The Disappearance we have been shocked by details that Rohit reveals that were previously unknown to us.

Episode 1 includes allegations that the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command (CTC) was guilty of Islamophobia and as a result the investigation was hampered from day one. These allegations have been rejected by the Metropolitan Police.

Trailer: Shamima Begum: The Blame Game Warning: Explicit content.02 Feb02:33
Episode 1: The Disappearance06 Feb36:46
Episode 2: The Fallout07 Feb21:36
Episode 3: The Escape Warning: Explicit content.07 Feb38:46
Episode 4: The Consequence07 Feb47:59

Many thanks to Rohit and his production team for this work and to ITV News for commissioning the podcast.

Who knows, we might also find out why Tower Hamlets Council Children’s Services never carried out a Serious Case Review (SCR) into the case of Shamima Begum and her friends because it was considered that the circumstances of the case did not meet the threshold for a review.

Or we might not. Listen to find out.