How to find your Tower Hamlets councillor

Do you know who your ward councillor is? Yes? No? Do you know how to contact them when you have a problem? You don’t do you?

Having a busy editorial office our staff often find themselves having to help out Tower Hamlets residents with all sorts of queries.

The most common one is of course ’How do I move out of the borough?’ and in a very close second place ‘My family has moved out of the borough without telling me where to can you help?’.

But seriously, a recent straw poll of the entire East End Enquirer editorial team undertaken by the East End Enquirer editorial team found that the overwhelming majority of residents do not know who their ward councillor is.

And none of the people who come to us with their problems (‘I want to move out of Tower Hamlets, where is the best place to hire a box van?’) realise that one of the duties of a local councillor is to help residents.

Honest. That’s what we have been told.

Find your Tower Hamlets councillor

So to find your Tower Hamlets councillor just click on this link.

That wasn’t too difficult was it?

The other week we needed to help out someone in Limehouse with a problem with their social housing provider. They had been without hot water or gas for ten days. Not good.

We both guessed that their ward councillor was James King ‘cos he is the ward councillor for Limehouse, but when we emailed him we found we were both wrong because we just guessed instead of using the find your Tower Hamlets councillor link.

A very nice guy

‘Cos James is a very nice guy he immediately told his colleagues Councillor Dipa Das and Councillor Ayas Miah who are the Labour councillors for St Dunstan’s which covers the bit of Limehouse in question and the problem was sorted pretty quickly.

Many thanks to all involved especially the very nice men who came and fixed the water and gas problem the very next day.

Spitalfields Housing Association

Zero thanks to Spitalfields Housing Association who don’t seem that interested in their residents welfare despite the BS marketing copy on its website claiming that ‘Our mission is creating places where people want to live. This means providing the best possible homes and services to our residents in the most sustainable way.’

Yeah, right. Do you think anyone believes this nonsense?

Maybe their customer service department has moved out of the borough and not told anyone.

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