Labour councillor in representing residents views shock!

Guest post brought to you by Disgusted of Shadwell.

Ordinary residents across the borough are still reeling today after the shock news that a Tower Hamlets Labour Party councillor has been found representing them.

Cllr. Puru Miah (Mile End, Labour) has been named as the Labour councillor with what is being termed called ‘a mind of his own’.

Cheeky little blighter

‘Puru’ as he is known to some, has been unashamedly exposing what he calls ‘the greatest violation of civil rights in Tower Hamlets since the infamous, racist, Sons and Daughters Housing Policy.’

Sons and Daughters

‘Sons and Daughters’? What sort of scaremongering is this?

The Enquirer can safely say there is no basis for a ‘Sons and Daughters’ policy apart from the fact that, er, it was considered as a, er, policy as you can read here Tower Hamlets – reducing overcrowding.

Not content with giving Sons – and Daughters – a bad name ‘Puru’ has compiled something called a ‘Report on Structural Discrimination in the Liveable Streets Consultations’ which you can download here.

All residents of our proud borough are great fans of Liveable Streets despite the fact that it should be renamed ‘Regeneration By The Back Door’ or ‘Sod Off Poor People Lucretia and her Chums want Somewhere Hip to Live’ according to many in a shocking display of disrespect to everyone which we cannot condone, agree with or even pass off as more Mayor Biggs BS.

Only today in Columbia Road Moley witnessed hundreds of families throwing their belongings onto hand carts and pushing them down the road, only too grateful to be kicked out of their communities so that the greater glory that is Tower Hamlets Labour can be seen to be doing something.
Bloody cheek!

We would have interviewed these fine, selfless residents but they are not rich and we just don’t talk to anyone who is so poor they still need to work.

Imagine that? Working for a living.

Bikes to cure Covid-19

We were lucky enough to catch a few minutes with a member of Tower Hamlets Wheelers. This local cycling pressure group claims that not only can riding a bike make everywhere look and smell like La-La Land but certain bike models can cure Covid-19.

According to an independent report written by the Hower Tamlets Feelers millions of bikes are now being injected into people’s arms all over the world. Somehow.

Excess bikes not needed to vaccinate people will be used to feed the hungry, give the blind back their sight and create novel social housing.

Structural discrimination

Probably the most disgusting falsehood (which is true but so what?) propagated by ‘Puru’ is that the fantastic way the Liveable Streets has been implemented amounts to structural discrimination.

Disgusting! Lies based on fact! (Or is it facts based on lies?)

Structural discrimination is ‘a form of institutional discrimination against individuals of a given protected characteristic such as race or gender which has the effect of restricting their opportunities’ according to Wikipedia.


Anytime now ‘Puru’ will be saying that there are people on low incomes, working families and residents of BAME origin in the borough! [There are. Lots. Ed]

Where is BAME anyway? Anyone actually been there?

This ‘Puru’ fella thinks he is sooooo above joining the Mayor Biggs Kiss My Arse and Laugh at my Weird Jokes If You Want To Get On Club that he organised a petition which raised 2,500 signatures against the wonderful Liveable Streets scheme calling for an immediate suspension and independent investigation of the Liveable Streets Program and conduct of PCL Consult.

Whatever next? Once other residents get wind of Puru actually working as a local councillor every Labour councillor will be expected to do the same. Result? Chaos!

Thankfully this Wednesday 20th Jan 2021 will see an online debate at 7pm to discuss the wonderful Liveable Streets programme and… what? Equality whichwherewhy?

Pah! Nonsense.

Seems this East End Enquirer rag worked out that the Liveable Streets disability consultation was a complete sham! I find that very unlikely despite it being obviously true and Tower Hamlets council never denying the facts after publication.

So there is no trace of Equality Impact Assessments (EQIA) anywhere. And? Just because it is a legal requirement.

And there was no engagement with advocacy groups for disabled. Irrelevant detail!

And so what if this lie ‘The Liveable Streets programme includes consultation with disabled charities and organisations’ was repeated time and time again by a LOYAL Labour councillor. That’s the spirit Kevin!

And that Tower Hamlets advocacy group Real was never engaged with Liveable Streets in anyway. Nor was any other group.

And that disabled residents were ignored. Well so was everyone else – that’s equality isn’t it?

Anyhow I am off for a rubber of bridge before tiffin then I think tracking down this Puru scamp with the hounds.

Pip pip!

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