Turks Head Cafe Wapping open once again Friday 19th June 8 am

Ah yes! Those sweet words many a resident of E1W and beyond has been waiting to hear for so many long lockdown months!

“The Turks Head Cafe Wapping is open!”

That’s it really. How good can life be? No point in writing anything else…. oh ok then.

Moley has spent so many hours writing about nasty grubby politicians while locked down in his burrow that something nice and cheerful and positive like the Turks Head Cafe in Green Bank Wapping E1W being open once again from Friday 19th June at 8 am is something he can go to town on.

Or maybe just go to the Turks Head on? At 8. Tomorrow.

The Turks Head Cafe is open (ah! those words!) from first thing tomorrow morning for takeaway ONLY in true Covid-19 pandemic survivor style.

Where’s the horse?

Tea and coffee and that beer stuff will be available of course but outside in the garden from what looks like a horse-box!

Probably ‘cos it is! No sign of the horse though.

Very basic food like breakfast and burgers will be available on a – yes, you guessed it – takeaway basis.

Also people we all need to remember that everything at the Turks will be worked out as the staff go along because that is how the whole world is now.

So give them some slack.

Moley has been snuffling around the Turks recently and take some photos with the good old Mole-A-Matic camera and you might notice there are a few more plants than before.

And by a few we mean like Kew! Gardens that is.

It’s all very… planty

The Turks Head Cafe team have invested a huge amount of time and effort in making the garden a thing of wonder and there are gorgeous plants left right and centre.

They were not even put off by some scumbags who turned up one night with a van and bolt cutters and nicked a large amount of plants.

How low can you get? Any sightings of a van being loaded with plants late one night to either the police or via East End Enquirer.

Dirt bags like that aside the Turks garden looked good to go when Moley checked it this afternoon despite the large amounts of rain.

Rain. In London. Who would have thunked it, eh? Not as bad as Paris of course but…

Keep your distance

Remember kids we all need to abide by the social distancing rules and so there may be a one way system in place tomorrow.

At least there will not be another bleedin’ bus gate.

Normal life is spring up again and thanks to everyone at the Turks Head Cafe for leading the way.

Oh – did Moley mention it is free tea and coffee tomorrow to celebrate the Turks being open again? No? Well there is! Hurrah! See you there.

(And yes the loo will be open. Most important.)

T: 020 7709 0779

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