Whitechapel Station Bangladeshi Language Signs Falling To Bits

The new Bangladeshi language signage at Whitechapel Station is broken and peeling.

The People of Ukraine are Welcome in Tower Hamlets

Links to Homes for Ukraine scheme and other resources.

“I Would Trust Lutfur Rahman With My Life” says Ken Livingstone

Lutfur's campaign launch to be the next Directly Elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets

Wapping Bus Gate Brings In £4.3m Fines But Costs £3m To Maintain

Wapping Bus Gate generates £4.3 million in Penalty Charge Notices in 24 months

UK Labour Raps Mayor’s Knuckles, Comrades Aim For His Knees

Mayor Biggs is in trouble with UK Labour HQ.

Putting the Rot into the Most Rotten of Rotten Boroughs

Tower Hamlets has once more taken its rightful place in Private Eye's 'Rotten Boroughs'.

Tower Hamlets stands with Ukraine

Tower Hamlets is united in our support for Ukraine and its people.

Gardengate – A Solution to the Housing Puzzle?

Part 1 of 2 Gardengate – A Solution to the Housing Puzzle?Part 2 of 2 Gardengate…

Gardengate – What Residents and Whitehall Needs to Know

Part 1 of 2 Gardengate – A Solution to the Housing Puzzle?Part 2 of 2 Gardengate…

How to Help the Ukraine People in Their Time of Need

Help the Ukrainian people by donating - list of organisations

Teenager Stabbed in Cornwall Street Shadwell

A teenager was stabbed in Watney Street at its junction with Cornwall Street on Thursday evening…

Poplar Roads Closed After Roof Cladding Blown Off Building

No injuries this afternoon after a large piece of roof cladding was blown off a building…

Lutfur Rahman Declares Mayoral Candidacy – Why Is This Acceptable?

Once more Tower Hamlets is in the news for the wrong reasons. Once more that reason…

Some Borough Residents Have Been Waiting For Social Housing for 40 Years.

Many borough residents rightfully complain about being on the social housing waiting list for over ten…

Gardengate: Angela Court – not fit for purpose

One indication of why Tower Hamlets local housing vehicle never delivered any local housing has emerged.…

Gardengate: More Weirdness As Housing Delivery Vehicle Fails To Deliver Any Housing

A company formed by Tower Hamlets Council to deliver more social housing has delivered no homes…

In Seven Years Mayor Biggs Has Only Delivered 225 New Homes

Does the very thought of Tabled Scrutiny Papers get you excited? They do? Then you are…

Mayor Biggs Has Built 827 New Homes, Not 2,046

The Mayor of Tower Hamlets is falsely claiming that his administration has delivered 2,046 new social…

Ex-Mayor Lutfur Rahman Hides In The Shadows

Lutfur Rahman is attempting to avoid public scrutiny by only canvassing in the evening and delaying…

At Last Some Truths? Shamima Begum: The Blame Game Podcast

Shamima Begum, who fled to Tower Hamlets to join Islamic State in 2015, is the subject…

Child Sexual Exploitation Networks Report – Children Still Being Failed

The latest Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse is uncomfortable reading for many in authority.

Four Rescued During Eighth-Floor Fire At Oxbow Building, Aberfeldy

Four people rescued by firefighters after blaze in eighth-floor Aberfeldy flat last night.

Climate Action Survey Exposes Borough Climate Emergency Declaration As Pure Hot Air

Tower Hamlets bottom of list rating UK councils climate action plans.

Save Brick Lane Campaign Granted Judicial Review

Save Brick Lane campaigners have won a key legal victory in their campaign to stop the…

Tower Hamlets Council Property Transactions Puzzle – Data

What on earth is going on with these datasets? Why are they so different?

Tower Hamlets Council Property Transactions Puzzle – Update

The bells Esmerelda, what’s with the bells? There are so many weird things in this story…

Lutfur’s Aspire Party Rejects Diversity With 100% Bangladeshi Candidate List

There is no place in the East End for a political party that rejects diversity.

Winnie-The-Pooh Honey Pot Place E1 Is Born!

Desperate to win a few more votes? Get some buildings renamed, it's easy!

Aspire Party promises ‘innovative approach’ to fundraising

The Aspire Party campaign literature and website for the 2022 elections are just dross.

Tower Hamlets Labour Candidates Named

Official list of Tower Hamlets Labour Party candidates

Buried St. George’s Pool Reports Uncovered

Amanda Day of the Turks Head Charity has uncovered years of buried council reports about St.…

Lutfur’s All Star Election Candidates Announced

Lutfur Rahman's Aspire Party candidates have been named.

Hackney’s Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: Success or Failure?

Hackney Together People's Town Hall Meeting outside Hackney Town Hall on Weds 26 Jan 6pm.

Tower Hamlets Council reports itself to Information Commissioner

Council officers have reported the Council to the Information Commissioner for a data breach.

Hackney Together People’s Town Hall Meeting 26th January

The people of Hackney Together are getting themselves organised holding a People's Town Hall meeting on…

End Of An Era As Chrisp Street Market Shops Start to Close

Chrisp Street market shop closures will begin at the end of January when the Co-op shuts…