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We have no idea how this happened. In 2014 we started a little hyperlocal blog in E1W called Love Wapping just for something to do. Six years later Love Wapping, or LW as some know it, has grown in scope and reach and things needed to change.

The Wapping Mole, who does most of the interesting work around here, remains a busy little thing, digging away at the corruption that still blights Tower Hamlets.

Moley was the first to realise he needed a new home and the East End Enquirer is it. Moley is more than happy as the East End Enquirer gives him a better place to tell residents what is really going on in London's East End, especially at a time of national crisis.

The entire editorial team hope that you enjoy the East End Enquirer. We intend to cause as much trouble as we have during the last six years.

And yes we know there is lots of content missing at the moment.  Migrating 1,600 stories takes a lot of time, so we will all have to be patient. 

Welcome to the East End Enquirer

Where's Moley gone?

Don't panic, the Wapping Mole is here! Moley, dirt digger extraordinaire, has just moved to a slightly bigger burrow!


Purely by chance we have launched the East End Enquirer during a global pandemic. So we are writing a lot about Covid-19.

Poplar Papers

Not just your ordinary claim for unfair dismissal, the Poplar Papers exposes an incredible amount of corruption in Tower Hamlets.

Apsana Begum MP

The East End Enquirer continues to follow the allegations against the Poplar & Limehouse MP. How could we ignore them?