Labour Party Puts Apsana Begum Up For Selection

Moley understands that the Labour Party has formally announced that Apsana Begum MP will now be part of the full selection process to choose the next Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for Poplar and Limehouse.

In other words she is just another candidate.

This comes after the unprecedented circumstances that led to every constituency ward voting to deselect her.

Which is some kind of record apparently.

Just another face in the crowd

The only difference being that she has already shown how well she represents her constituents.

On the basis of her performance so far the question has to be asked why she now thinks she will be given a second bite of the apple?

One Tower Hamlets Labour member Moley chatted to said that whoever the new candidate is it must be someone who can unite the local party and convince members they will be an active, visible MP.

Or be an MP as it is known in the trade.

Rule changes makes it more difficult to trigger an MP

Last year the Labour Party passed a rule change which actually increased the threshold for triggering sitting Labour MPs.

As a result sitting MPs such as Ms Begum are only triggered when the new higher criteria are met (not knowing the address of their constituency office being one of them maybe?) based on decisions taken by local Labour branches and affiliated organisations such as Trade Unions.

Note: As with everything else we would have asked Ms Begum for comment but as neither she or any member of her office has ever bothered to reply, there is not much point. So we haven’t bothered.

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    1. Nothing new, standard selection process, whoever is chosen gets to be the next Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for Labour in Poplar & Limehouse. Which means they will be our next MP as no other party stands a chance – as usual. Boring, innit?

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