Sutton Street Depot Investigation – Identity of Tenant Still a Secret

Seems our previous story about Sutton Street Depot has touched a raw nerve or two. But then that is what we do.

Others have looked at our photographs of Beta Bazar, the new helal meat and fish market being constructed in the Sutton Street Depot, and wondered just what is going on?

Here is a little sketch plan of the area around Sutton Street Depot to highlight potential problems.

Sketch plan of Sutton Street Depot area

In contrast to Moley these people actually know what they are talking about when it comes to the permits and regulations relating to food markets and have mentioned one or two things which need to be checked.

Well, more than one or two. Here’s a list.

  • Status of Food Safety Licence and Hygiene Certificate
  • Environmental Health inspections
  • Noise impact assessments (Depot is right in the middle of a large number of residences)
  • Traffic management (lorries delivering and turning at junction with Commercial Road, customers parking cars on pavement)
  • Affect of increased traffic levels on pollution as Sutton Street Depot is directly opposite a primary school
  • How does the new market approved by Mayor Biggs fit in with Liveable Streets and School Streets?

Which all seems sensible. No doubt there are other regulations that need to be complied with.

Planning regulations come to mind, it is still not clear to our own Chartered Surveyors Department (OK, we ain’t got one but you know what we mean) if the new market needs planning permission and if it does has it applied for it?

Those air con units look a bit close to the properties behind them.

According to Tower Hamlets Council no planning application has been submitted ‘but the planning team are engaging with the leaseholder in order to discuss the use of the site.’

Whoever that is.

Or are council officers blindfolded and driven to an unknown location where they engage with the leaseholder without ever setting eyes on him or her, then dumped from a speeding car outside the Town Hall when they have finished with the engaging thing?

A small furry animal more hard-bitten and sceptical than Moley might even wonder that if there was such a super deal done on the lease, then maybe the mystery tenant considers that they can do what the hell they like when they like?

One benefit of that would be no need for blindfolds and secret meetings.

Just the secret meetings.

Are you out there Akther?

Many thanks to Channel S who kindly informed us that they have no connection with the Beta Bazar halal meat and fish market at Sutton Street Depot and that the mysterious Akther Hussan, director of Beta Bazar Ltd, is just that – a director of Beta Bazar and nothing to has no business connection with Channel S ‘other than being an advertiser who is currently marketing Brit Bazar.’

If Mr Hussan would like to get in touch and tell us more about Beta Bazar our email is