In Seven Years Mayor Biggs Has Only Delivered 225 New Homes

Does the very thought of Tabled Scrutiny Papers get you excited? They do? Then you are in just the right place ‘cos Moley has some which are very interesting.

OK, they are dull as plain cardboard, but their contents do show that our previous story Mayor Biggs Has Built 827 New Homes, Not 2,046 was based not just on crap from Mayor Biggs office but a huge pile of smelly, steaming and total and utter crap.

Thanks to Cllr Andrew Wood (Independent, Canary Wharf) for tweeting about the Tabled Scrutiny Papers from yesterday’s Cabinet meeting at the Town Hall otherwise we would not know about this and neither would you.

You can find the document in question (Public Pack)Tabled Scrutiny Papers Agenda Supplement for Cabinet, 09/02/2022 17:30 here

This is the question asked by members of the Overview & Scrutiny committee.

Item 6.1 Delivery Report – Housing and Homes Housing Delivery and Supply page of presentation

  1. “827 new homes – completed and occupied. ” These are a combination of new build and purchases can we have a breakdown between s106 new build purchases, purchases of pre-built properties, and genuinely new homes commissioned and built by LBTH?”

And this is the answer

  1. New Build – 225
  2. S.106 – 157
  3. Acquisitions – 422
  4. Others (conversions) – 23

Does the figure of 827 sound familiar? It should do ‘cos we that is the number we quoted about five minutes ago showing that Mayor Biggs has not delivered 2,046 as he claims but 827.

And certainly not the 2,000 new homes he promised to build last time he ran for office which helped him get elected.

32 new homes built a year

But the real number is 2,046, it is not even 827, it is in fact a measly 225.

Two hundred and twenty five new homes. In seven years of the Biggs administration.

That’s 32 a year.

Mayor Biggs has only built 20% of the homes he claims to have built.

Remember this when you vote in May.

Contempt for voters

To be so utterly inept and only capable of building 225 new homes in seven years is one thing, but to claim that your administration has delivered over 2,000 is another.

It shows contempt for every resident and voter in the borough.

2 thoughts on “In Seven Years Mayor Biggs Has Only Delivered 225 New Homes

  1. Maybe Mayor Biggs should consider Ocado. They can deliver more and quicker, they also give a discount on the first order. On a personal note, I’ve never had to wait seven years only to receive less than 15% of what was promised.

  2. The mayor is too busy with his false allegations and forcing disabled pensioner women into the street and ignoring them being attacked in drug addict hostels when they have lived peacefully in their home since 1977. Do not vote for this man

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