Hackney Together People’s Town Hall Meeting 26th January

TL: DR The people of Hackney Together are leading by example and holding a People’s Town Hall meeting on 26th January

It’s always good to hear about people getting involved in politics and so it is with great pleasure to announce that Hackney Together are having a People’s Town Hall meeting on 26th January 6pm.

Hackney Together is about people, not petty party politics (looking at you Tower Hamlets Labour) as you can read in their announcement which is reproduced below.

An impossible task for Tower Hamlets?

Well done Hackney Together for getting organised and taking action.

It would be nice to think that the same thing could happen in our own borough but any new political grouping would inevitably be infiltrated by those who wish to maintain the status quo and so might be impossible.

Reality is that something must be done to restore democracy in Tower Hamlets otherwise we will need to have a real revolution. Not a theoretical one.

More on this soon.

Hackney Together annoucement

“On Wednesday 26 January from 6pm Hackney Together will be hosting a People’s Town Hall Meeting outside Hackney Town Hall.

This will be the evening of the first full Council Meeting of the new year.

The aim of this gathering is not simply to “protest” or “demonstrate” but to lead by example and show Hackney’s Labour administration that it is possible to engage with residents and local businesses in a positive way: no trick questions, no skewed data, no already decided outcomes – just an open mind and a listening ear.

We would like people to send us questions and suggest topics for the agenda in advance, if possible, but we will also take topics from the floor on the night (time allowing).

We would like people to voice suggestions, raise problems, put forward ideas, and maybe even come up with some solutions. We believe that working with, not against, each other is the way forward.

Community cohesion not community division should be a guiding principle of local government.

We are particularly interested in engaging with different parts of our community. We will try to have people on hand able to translate from as many community languages as possible including BSL. Please let us know if you are willing to help in this area and which language(s) you are able to communicate in.

We are inviting representatives of political parties to attend and anyone planning to stand as an independent candidate in Hackney in May ‘22 is especially welcome to participate.
Send suggestions and offers of help to info@hackneytogether.org

Hackney Together