Keep St George’s Baths Open For All

Tonight 7pm to 9pm Monday 15 November there is a public meeting at the Town Hall concerning the future of St George’s Baths on The Highway.

St George’s Baths has now been closed since March 2020, 19 months, because of Covid-19 and it’s opening is well overdue.

St George’s Baths, Shadwell

Covid closure excuse for permanent closure of St George’s?

The fear is that Tower Hamlets Council are using the pandemic closure for health reasons as an excuse to shut St George’s forever, this being their latest tactic of ‘consulting’ then doing what they were going to do anyway.

Tonight’s meeting is ‘hybrid’ i.e. where real people gather with others on Zoom. All tickets have gone to attend in person but you can watch online here and we urge you to do so.

Interestingly Tower Hamlets Council has tweeted about this meeting as below

No mention of St. George’s Baths is there? Just future options for leisure services. Odd that.

Not much information on the council page but here it is anyway Options for Leisure Services in Tower Hamlets.

Keep St George’s open – if it goes we will never get it back

There is a huge demand by residents to get St George’s Baths back open for a splashing and a paddling and Amanda Day and her team have been battling for years to protect the swimming pool.

You can see the petition organised by Amanda here: For all options to be investigated to fully refurbish and update St George’s Pools

Although residents might not be able to attend it is vital that people do keep in the loop and watch the webcast tonight between 7 and 9.

St George’s Baths, Shadwell