Did You Know About Lutfur’s Legal Fund? You Soon Will

This is part of a response to a letter of complaint to East End Enquirer from Mr Abdul Haque Habib (pictured above). Of which more later.

As the 2022 elections grow closer Mole thought we should dig into the unique electoral history of Tower Hamlets and revisit some highlights.

Naturally ex-Mayor Lutfur Rahman who wants to be the next Mayor Lutfur Rahman features in many of these highlights and so please follow Moley down memory lane and enjoy the story of Lutfur Rahman’s Legal Fund. It is a bit of a cracker.

Corrupt and illegal practices

Cast your minds back dear reader to late April 2015 and the news that Mayor Lutfur Rahman is now just plain old Lutfur Rahman after being kicked out of office for corruption.

After an Election Court trial lasting a record 30 days Rahman was found personally guilty and guilty by his agents of corrupt and illegal practices and the election of May 2014 was declared void.

Oops! But on the bright side this was a civil trial, not criminal.

Have you had your assets frozen sir? Have you?

Short of a bit of cash to pay his £500,000 legal fees Lutfur started a legal fund appeal and asked his chums to pitch in – and pitch in they did!

As ever Moley is indebted to Ted Jeory and his Trial by Jeory blog (Jeory? Jury? Geddit?) which detailed all the odd things relating to Lutfur Rahman’s finances which came out after Lutfur was found guilty (did we mention that already?) and in particular the ruling by Mr Justice Edis on the injunction freezing Lutfur’s assets in August 2015.

As part of the court process Lutfur was forced to disclose details of various loans made to him before, during and after the Election Court hearing which amounted to £749,500 (see table below.)

Note: Mole is still trying to identify who all these people are so if you know please email hello@eastendenquirer.org. Tak!

Payments to Lutfur Rahman legal fees fund

107/17/2014Rafia Munni8,000.00CHQ
219/08/2014All Seasons Lettings5,000.00
319/08/2014All Seasons Lettings15,000.00BACS
503/09/2014Rafia Munni1,730.00CHQ
603/09/2014Rafla Munni7,500.00BACS
704/09/2014Shenaly Miah15,000.00
805/09/2014Rujina Yasmin5,000.00BACS
1008/09/2014Ayesha Farid270.00BACS
1108/09/2014Rafla Munni5,500.00BACS
1215/09/2014Foujiya Sultana5,000.00BACS
1315/09/2014Foujiya Sultana10,000.00BACS
1415/09/2014Foujiya Sultana10,000.00
1519/09/2014Nanu Miah6,000.00BACS
1624/10/2014All Seasons Lettings10,000.00BACS
1731/10/2014CLR Maium Miah2,000.00
18Nov/2014Afia Farid1,000.00BACS
19Nov/2014Rafla Munni2,000.00BACS
20Nov/2014Rafla Munni3,000.00
21Nov/2014Mehdi Hasan Choudhury (Radi)3,500.00
22Nov/2014Syed Misbaul Reza2,000.00In Bank
23Nov/2014Syed Shahriar3,000.00BACS
24Nov/2014Rafia Munni2,000.00CHQ
25Nov/2014Shenaly Miah5,000.00BACS
26Nov/2014Rafla Munni3,000.00In Bank
27Nov/2014Foujiya Sultana15,000.00In Bank
28Nov/2014Rafla Munni10,000.00BACS
29Nov/2014Mehdi Hasan Choudhury (Radi)5,000.00BACS
30Nov/2014Mamunur Rahman5,000.00CHQ
31Nov/2014Saif Uddin Moni1,000.00BACS
32Nov/2014Lutfur Rahman3,000.00BACS
33Nov/2014Rujina Yasmin2,000.00
34Nov/2014Dipa Begum3,000.00CHQ
35Nov/2014Shamsun Noor5,000.00BACS
36Nov/2014Shamsun Noor7,000.00BACS
37Nov/2014CLR Aminur Khan2,000.00
38Nov/2014All Seasons Lettings10,000.00
39Nov/2014CLR G Rabbani5,000.00
40Nov/2014Nafisa Nargis Robbani5,000.00In Bank
4103/11/2014Roseina Yasmin10,000.00BACS
4206/11/2014Mohammed Abdul Munim25,000.00In Bank
4314/11/2014Lutfur Rahman1,000.00BACS
4414/11/2014Lutfur Rahman2,000.00
4518/11/2014Lutfur Rahman2,000.00BACS
4620/11/2014Mamunur Rahman3,000.00
4721/11/2014Afia Farid2,000.00In Bank
48Dec-2014Fateha Ahmed5,000.00
49Dec/2014Amirul Choudhury10,000.00
5003/12/2014Mohammed Abdul Munim25,000.00BACS
5109/12/2014Foujiya Sultana40,000.00BACS
5219/12/2014CLR Aminur Khan10,000.00In Bank
5319/12/2014Anuwar Ali10,000.00BACS
5429/12/2014Mehdi Hasan Choudhury (Radi)10,000.00
5529/12/2014Mamunur Rahman3,000.00BACS
5629/12/2014Jayed Khan10,000.00
5729/12/2014Mornotaz Begum5,000.00In Bank
5830/12/2014Lutfur Rahman2,000.00
5930/12/2014Mehrajul Islam Bokul Syed3,000.00In Bank
6030/12/2014CLR Maium Miah2,500.00BACS
61Jan/2015Limehouse.com (10,8,7)25,000.00
6202/01/2015CLR Aminur Khan2,500.00CHQ
6305/01/2015Syed Farazul Islam2,000.00BACS
6421/01/2015Afia Farid1,000.00
6523/01/2015Muzirul Haque25,000.00In Bank
6626/01/2015Mehdi Hasan Choudhury (Radi)1,000.00BACS
6730/01/2015Muzirul Haque8,000.00In Bank
68Feb/2015London Training Centre5,000.00
69Feb/2015Amirul Choudhury5,000.00BACS
7002/02/2015Saif Uddin Moni4,000.00
7103/02/2015Lutfur Rahman1,000.00In Bank
7204/02/2015Zuber Ahmed3,000.00BACS
7306/02/2015Zuber Ahmed3,000.00
7406/02/2015Muzirul Haque9,000.00BACS
7506/02/2015London Training Centre7,000.00In Bank
7606/02/2015Anuwar Ali10,000.00
7723/02/2015A Chowdhury10,000.00BACS
7823/02/2015A Chowdhury10,000.00In Bank
7927/02/2015Amirul Choudhury10,000.00
8002/03/2015Baig Ahmed2,000.00In Bank
8103/03/2015Salik Zahid5,000.00
8209/03/2015Baig Ahmed2,000.00In Bank
8309/03/2015Amirul Choudhury10,000.00BACS
8409/03/2015Shamsun Noor5,000.00BACS
8509/03/2015Razia Salique3,000.00BACS
8609/03/2015Lutfur Rahman3,000.00BACS
8709/03/2015Saif Uddin Moni2,000.00BACS
8809/03/2015Suma Rahman2,000.00BACS
8909/03/2015Kamal Uddin Chowdhury1,000.00In Bank
9010/03/2015Sanjid Sarni5,000.00BACS
9110/03/2015Saleh Abed3,000.00
9210/03/2015Syed Ferdous Ali3,000.00In Bank
9310/03/2015London Training Centre5,000.00
9411/03/2015Baig Ahmed1,000.00
9511/03/2015Masuma Sultana2,000.00CHAPS
9616/03/2015Salik Zahid1,000.00In Bank
9716/03/2015London Training Centre5,000.00BACS
9830/03/2015Ashadur Rahman10,000.00BACS
9907/04/2015Saif Uddin Moni1,000.00
10010/04/2015CLR Sullik Ahmed15,000.00
10113/04/2015CLR Sullik Ahmed15,000.00BACS
10216/04/2015Lutfur Rahman3,700.00BACS
10316/04/2015Kamal Uddin Chowdhury300.00
10424/04/2015Shamsun Noor5,000.00BACS
10528/04/2015CLR Sullik Ahmed10,000.00BACS
10630/04/2015CLR G Robbani5,000.00
10730/04/2015Rina Begum11,000.00In Bank
10830/04/2015Jabir Miah4,000.00BACS
10905/05/2015CLR Sullik Ahmed20,000.00
11008/05/2015Mazharul Alom3,000.00
11113/05/2015Afia Farid1,000.00BACS
11213/05/2015Shamsun Noor2,000.00
11313/05/2015Mehdi Hasan Choudhury (Radi)5,000.00BACS
11413/05/2015Ahfaz Miah9,000.00BACS
11513/05/2015Ahfaz Miah1,000.00BACS
11614/05/2015Azm Adbullah Zaki5,000.00In Bank
11714/05/2015Masuma Sultana5,000.00BACS
11814/05/2015Foujiya Sultana2,500.00BACS
11914/05/2015M lslam5,000.00
12014/05/2015M lslam5,000.00In Bank
12115/05/2015Mohammed Abdul Munim10,000.00In Bank
12215/05/2015Mamunur Rahman500.00BACS
12318/05/2015Tufeil Sattar1,000.00

That’s all the payments which includes those made by London Training Centre.

Just to make it crystal clear Mr Habib here are the £22,000 worth of London Training Centre payments. The payments you made. Remember?

NoDateFromAmount (?)Type
68Feb/2015London Training Centre5,000.00
7506/02/2015London Training Centre7,000.00In Bank
9310/03/2015London Training Centre5,000.00
9716/03/2015London Training Centre5,000.00BACS

Not money laundering Mr Hoar!

Mr Justice Edis remarked that Rahman’s own evidence cast grave doubt on the suggested source of the sum of £749,500 and that if it was not loans from the 52 named people or companies was it actually the defendant’s money?

See the problem was this. Lutfur could not possibly afford to pay his own legal fees could he? Because he had made it crystal clear during the hearing that he was broke.

Being broke, i.e. not having stashed away large sums of council (your) money while Mayor or having obtained property somewhere and then not declaring it, meant that he would have to be dependent on loans.

Poor Lutfur. Literally.

However Mr Justice Edis, being a judge and all that, wondered if the whole legal fund appeal thing was just designed to hide Lutfur’s true wealth from the claimant?”

What a terrible thing to say! I mean, it’s not like Lutfur had just been done for screwing over an entire London bo… oh. Right. He had. Fair comment then.

Good job nobody referred to it as money laundering.

The Best Gift A Niece Can Give

As you can see above the fund details showed 123 transactions from 53 separate people or organisations.

Top of the list was one Foujiya Sultana who kindly donated a whopping £82,500.

Well, Foujiya is Lutfur’s niece.

Mr Justic Edis cast some doubt on the credibility of Foujiya somehow having a spare £82,500 knocking around primarily because she was only 23 and had an admin job with the NHS.

London Training Centre £22,000 Payment to Lutfur Rahman

The judge then went on to mention two organisations in particular.

“Limehouse.com is said to have lent £25,000 and the London Training Centre £22,000. The financial circumstances of these companies, so far as the evidence reveals, do not permit the making of such loans. Therefore, the suggested sources of these payments into the defendant’s bank accounts are questionable.”

Mr Justice Edis

That nice and clear Mr Habib?

You were, and still are, managing director of the London Training Centre and the reason you were mentioned in our story about the ASDA Crossharbour Fun Day was to make it crystal clear to readers that you are an associate of Lutfur Rahman. Or do you lend £22,000 to anyone who wants it?

So when you say in your letter of complaint “Why did you make this completely irrelevant connection between Lutfur Rahman and myself? Where is your evidence?” we answer as above. It was completely relevant connection and this is our evidence.

That’s what journalists do. Even unpaid community journalists like me.

Funny thing is that Mole has had this information, all of which is in the public domain, sitting on his hard drive for literally years as he was too busy to do anything with it.

Then Mr Habib got a bit ratty for no reason whatsoever and Mole knew just what he needed!

Hopefully alarm bells are now ringing across the borough (and who knows maybe even the House of Lords) as people wonder what interest Lutfur Rahman could possibly have in a huge redevelopment on the Isle of Dogs worth over £1.1 billion?

And we have yet to find out how Ashbourne Beech decided on having yourself and Lutfur’s campaign manager Atia Begum Jorna on their team.

Care to tell us about that Mr Habib?

Or are you too busy telling Lutfur how sorry you are for writing an email to the East End Enquirer based on your own (or Lutfur’s people maybe?) warped perception of how the world is and not the facts and so giving Lutfur more exposure on a subject he wants us all to forget about?

All you have achieved is the exposure of an issue which most people had forgotten about ‘cos it was over five years ago and in so doing made sure that lots of people would now know all* about this issue with Mr Rahman who wants to be Mayor again and is desperate for people to forget about his previous corrupt behaviour.

Talking of which we have just remembered something else we need to write about.

*OK, not all, there is lots more to discover on this one.