Shamima Begum Reveals Details Of Her Radicalisation

Shamima Begum has revealed details of how she was radicalised in an interview with Sky News

As With Rahman So With Biggs – Cherrypicking The Rules

Mayor Biggs is ignoring the rules just like his predecessor Lutfur Rahman. Few if any surprised.

St. George’s Baths – A Leisure Services Solution?

Rebuild St Georges pool in Shadwell and expand John Orwell center in Wapping?

Labour Cllr Abdal Ullah Failed To Declare Roding Mews Property

Cllr Abdal Ullah is the owner of a house in Roding Mews, E1W but has not…

Keep St George’s Baths Open For All

Tonight 7- 9pm Monday 15 November public meeting at the Town Hall or Zoom concerning the…

Did You Know About Lutfur’s Legal Fund? You Soon Will

Do you remember the £749,500 Lutfur Rahman Legal Fund? We do!

An Administration Without Ideas is No Laughing Matter

The council's 'No Laughing Matter' campaign against the use of nitrous oxide (NO2), also known as…

Why The Wapping Squirrels Fell Out Of Their Nests Laughing

Tower Hamlets council is recruiting an Independent Person to promote high standards of behaviour. Honest.