Open Letter to Cllr Pappu – ‘Do You Not Realise We See What You Do?’

The tweet below was posted today Thursday 21 October at Apparently the Overview & Scrutiny Committee will be discussing the Liveable Streets programme on Monday 25th October at 6.30pm.

Two questions.

  1. Five days notice. Seriously?
  2. What are residents supposed to be writing in about? A report? A proposal? A presentation?

And how exactly will residents be able to ‘shape discussion’?

Please see the open letter written by resident Linda Wilkinson below.

Total deficit of democracy

“Cllr Papu

How completely outrageous that the residents of LBTH find out about this via Twitter today? Open season for all non residents to pile in ie the Cycling Community as they are doing. That was the intention of course.

This total deficit of democracy is what is now the norm In LBTH.

Where is the report into Liveable Streets, surely this should be available at least a week in advance? Of course it isn’t. So what are we commenting on? I see we are asked to comment.

It is another completely obvious case of a stitch up.

This whole street closure debacle is a frank and utter disgrace. I suggest you look long and hard at yourselves.

It is not an edifying prospect.

The whole scheme needs axing and truly inclusive engagement with us, who pay your wages, the residents, takes place.

Of course this won’t happen, you will simply progress ever more delusion-ally towards May 22.

Do you not realise we see what you do?

Linda Wilkinson

Enquirer Comment

Well said Linda. At least someone speaks for residents.