Mayor Biggs Caught Out (again) Misusing Council Resources

Have you seen the advert for what could well be the worst job in UK local government?

Yep, the Mayor of our dear borough needs another caseworker, presumably to help deal with the deluge of complaints about how Tower Hamlets is mismanaged. Or maybe dealing with various Labour Party issues?

Or maybe it is because he is using council resources for political purposes – which is not allowed.

But it seems Mayor Biggs just does not a give a damn about the rules of the game does he? Next time you get fined for turning up 10 minutes later for an appointment at the job centre remember this.

Not content with ASDA Crossharbour Development kerfuffle, attempting and failing to hide bad news from his own councillors, attempting and failing to hide Youth Service bad news from everyone, just lying to us in general, the London Ambulance LTN Letter and of course the Sutton Street Depot Mystery, Mayor Biggs latest wheeze is to be sending out party political literature with the Town Hall’s phone number and his official Tower Hamlets email address.

As Cllr Andrew Woods (Independent, Canary Wharf) explains in this twitter thread that is against the rules.

But then the Mayor’s current approach to how the world runs, that we all try and obey the rules ‘cos that is how a society functions, is to completely ignore it and do what the hell he likes.

Remind you of a previous Mayor? Yep, that’s the one. Whatever happened to him?

This is just such an old trick it shows how desperate Mayor Biggs is to remain Mayor of Tower Hamlets.

Any literature of a party political nature cannot have council contact details on. Why? Because this means that council staff paid by you will be answering his calls and maintaining the email system.

So you get to pay for your own enquiries to be answered! Bargain!

Also, as Cllr Wood points out, if a resident gets a Labour leaflet and their query is answered by a Council officer they might well be more likely to vote Labour! Biggs Bonus Bargain!

In fact it is such an old trick that on 15th January 2018 Asmat Hussein, then Corporate Director and Governance Officer of LBTH, sent an email to all the elected members about just this subject.

From: Asmat Hussain
Sent: 15 January 2018
Subject: Re: Labour Party Leaflets – Misuse of Council Resources

Dear ***

‘Thank you for this leaflet and the others we have received from other members about other Political Parties using Council resources.
Each member will be written to personally and we will also be sending information out on the Member newsletters.
If members continue to use council resources for political purposes than as the Council MO [Monitoring Officer] I will report the matter to the Standards Advisory Committee for consideration and any sanctions that can be imposed. I will also consider reporting matters to the police and see if they have any powers under Electoral Law to intervene.
Please do continue to send me evidence of any political leaflets that are distributed.

Kind regards
Asmat Hussain
Corporate Director and Governance Officer

Maybe Mayor Biggs did not get this email? Or maybe he did and does not give a flying f**k?

Mole’s money is on the second option.

Remember that when the Council gets on your case for ignoring the rules.

With the amount of dodgy dealings stories that are being generated in the borough at the moment Moley needs a new pencil sharpener! But he is a poor little Mole so if you could find your way to donating some Mole pencil sharpener cash to him that would be very good indeed!