Lutfur Rahman makes it to the House of Lords (sort of…)

Those of you who are ardent fans of may have noticed that our ex-Mayor was name-checked numerous times today by Lord Hayward.

That is name-checked in a bad way. A very bad way.

And this was in a debate on Electoral Integrity. So you can guess what the tone was.

You can see the extract below or check it out on at 13:48:20

Good, huh?

Many thanks to Lord Hayward for bringing this issue up in the Lords.

Moley particularly liked the bit about bringing the Elections Bill forward just for Lutfur! How thoughtful is that?

As you can see Lord Hayward’s remarks related to this story that we ran a week or two ago about Lutfur seeming to be fine with his team members harvesting votes.

More on this soon.

Well if this ain’t worth a tenner what is! We thought the previous story about the vote harvesting was quite cool, but this follow up is even cooler.

OK, Mole didn’t make this clip or talk about it in the House of Lords but you know what he means.

So if you could find your way to donating some cash to keep his investigations going that would be very good indeed!