Another Community Leader Tells Tower Hamlets Labour How It Is

Is it coincidence that two of our community leaders make damning statements about Tower Hamlets council within a couple of days?

Not at all, views similar to theirs are repeated across our borough every day.

Mo Rakib @Mohammad12akib is rarely backward in coming forward with his views on the borough.

Together Mo and Linda Wilkinson provide very good political agenda free views of the borough’s problems and are well worth following.

The tweet below was posted after Mo had a little chat with three councillors.

A fascinating read

Usually publishers add a disclaimer here along the lines of the views of the author not being representative of their views.

Not here. The Enquirer agrees with every word.

1/ So I've had a conference call with 3 Labour cllrs. They are desperate to distance themselves from the administration.
Apparently they are sick of what has happened to TH Labour.
They reached out because they recognised the criticism I laid at TH Labour a few months ago..

2/ I laid out my concerns abt who is among those that are now distancing themselves.
I didn't make it easy for them- they all had their chance to speak up- many chose to actively work against us and even to speak in favour of plans we protested and petitioned against.

3/ apparently the rumours that many will defect to show loyalty to the residents is true.
I'll believe it when I see it.
I don't blame them for wanting to defect. TH Labour is toxic n some of these cllrs hv realised that their name and reputations are mud in the community..

4/ unfortunately for them- the only thing they may be able to save through defecting, is their name. It will take a long time for the community to forgive them.
These 3 cllrs I spoke to said they felt deep shame in staying quiet as loud voices in THLb drove nails in to the coffin

5/The factionalism within the local party- the hierarchy is like something out of Game of thrones. Least surprising is that ppl like Rachel Blake, Kevin Brady & Dan Tomlinson were close to the top with Biggs- Others such as Tarik Khan and Ehtasham Haque were always vying for more

6/ It's good to have confirmation of certain rumours.
My advice to them was to stay quiet and defect as late as possible. Not because I felt they should lead us in the future- but because they owed it to the community.
We talked abt the by-election loss and CllrPuru's resignation

7/ there's been a breakdown in the ward branch and it was due to the branch being alienated by ppl in the administration.. in the run up- alienated by a hostile Kevin Brady.
Members knew they were gonna lose because of the Liveable Streets fiasco and public distrust of Labour

8/Kevin Brady's name keeps coming up in relation to toxicity & bullying in the party. I'm not surprised.

On Puru's resignation and the reasons he gave, he is bein truthful.
Puru has been viewed as a thorn in the admins side for a long time..they hated him for siding with locals.

9/ London Labour is managing decline. They would rather shift locals to make way for young professionals with no social care needs or dependants.
Swapping local people for young liberals is a win.
Pushing Labour voting locals in to tory areas is also a win

10/ I know Puru would never go along with that. That's not the kind of man he is. It didn't sit well with him n so he stood up to the admin.

I touched on Labour’s intention before and that rffective opposition is key to ensuring an admin doesn't run riot.

The writing is on the wall. @UKLabour will be kicked in to the long grass and will have plenty of time to reflect on the arrogance of the privileged idealists and ignorant fantasists they allowed in to their ranks and gave prominent positions to.
Betrayal doesn't pay @TH_Labour

@THConservatives @AspireParty

May Labour’s sins and the errors of the past- guide all those who will lead our borough in the future.

Don't repeat those errors.

Don't think betrayal will pay.

Protect the community.

Ensure security, prosperity & opportunity for locals.

Originally tweeted by 🇬🇧 Mohammad Rakib 🇧🇩 (@Mohammad12akib) on August 18, 2021.

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