The Moley Mayoral Trigger Ballot Results Table Extravaganza

Ooh it’s so exciting isn’t it? No it is absolutely not. Anyway the East End Enquirer is proud to present the entirely unofficial Moley Mayoral Trigger Ballot Results Table Extravaganza.

That’s quite a mouthful, innit?

And before anyone asks we couldn’t afford to get any proper artwork done so the featured image above is just a table as opposed to a results table.

Anyway across the length, breadth and depths of Tower Hamlets fresh faced Labour luvvies are voting on the most important issue of this whole week, should John Biggs be the official Tower Hamlets Labour Party Executive Mayor candidate in 2022 or is an open selection process better?

The first group / faction / cabal / clique to 11 wins.

Unless the people at Labour Party HQ say otherwise in which case this is all meaningless.

The Moley Mayoral Trigger Ballot League Table

This is an unofficial results table, no idea if there is an official one.

Moley takes no responsibility for the accuracy of these results or for that embarrassing shoplifting incident in Tesco last week.

Updated 12.59 hrs 4 August 2021 full report here. Well, sort of full.

Current results

Against Open Selection 4

In Favour of Open Selection 5

Or is it? Look at the St. Dunstans’ entry. Odd huh?

NumberGroupFor open selectionAgainst open selectionSelection?
2Bow East344For
4Bromley South727Against
5SKD & Wapping916Against
7Bromley North2627Against
8St. Dunstans’3626For

First Labour group to vote for Lutfur Rahman as official Labour candidate for Executive Mayor gets a special prize and their own pot of Mayoral grants money to be allocated only to their supporters!

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