That’s enough political dreck for a while I think

There has been huge interest in the recent stories published here relating to Tower Hamlets Labour Party by-election candidate selection for Weavers ward and today’s trigger ballot story.

(I have a very interesting story from 2018 which relates directly to this but for legal reasons I am not publishing it at the moment, if ever. Shame ‘cos it’s a cracker and it relates directly to today’s story..)

Bottom line is that covering these events takes up a huge amount of my time, there is only one of me and I need to get back to earning a living.

So there will be no more coverage of Tower Hamlets Labour Party eating itself alive unless I get paid for it. Simples!

So as of now if you want continued coverage of this event then you need to hit the link below and donate some of your hard-earned cash.

Donate to East End Enquirer here.

The threshold is £200 in the next seven days which is a bargain as that is a (low) rate for just one similar story when I write professionally.

No £200 = no coverage of Tower Hamlets Labour Party apart from exceptional circumstances.

I will not being accepting any donations from political parties or individual politicians.

And to be honest I am half hoping that amount is not donated so I can walk away from this cess pit right now.

Problem you will then have is that you will not have a clue what is going on, will ya?

The other community stories I cover are different and I will continue to cover these for the moment, but long term it is not sustainable to provide the level of coverage you all get for free.

I have had enough of people telling me what an amazing service East End Enquirer (and before that Love Wapping) provides and then never provide any kind of support.

If things were changing it would be different but nothing is. The corruption remains the same, central government continues to turn a blind eye to what happens in Tower Hamlets and the disadvantaged remain abandoned.

Seven years is about six years too long to do this sort of community work for free with no genuine change.

Er… that’s it.

While some might say this is a gift for Tower Hamlets Labour Party I don’t care.

Too many people take vicarious pleasure in the misfortunes of others while not doing a damn thing themselves and I am not interested in feeding their particular kink.

Feeling compelled to write about grubby dishonest people treating our borough like their personal fiefdom while they get paid for it is not an enjoyable process and is certainly not one I have sought.

I have one very large, very detailed and very disturbing borough corruption story which I have been working on for some time which I need to conclude as there are some people I really want to see beyond bars..

If the evidence I need to publish is where I think it is then you will be reading about that in the coming months.

And very disturbing reading it will be.