Lutfur Rahman’s referendum campaign gets up to speed, few people interested

Is it just Moley or does it suddenly seem like 2014 again? Lutfur Rahman’s say Yes to the Mayor campaign is getting up to speed with only a few days left before the vote on how the borough of Tower Hamlets is governed. And there is a contradiction in terms. Tower Hamlets? Governed? Yeah, right.

By ‘up to speed’ it is more accurate to say ‘up to speed in areas where there is a high Bangladeshi demographic’. What has the rest of the borough done to upset the ex-Mayor to upset him so much that they are being ignored? Or is the White vote just not good enough for him?

What are you trying to say Ohid?

The sophistication of Lutfur’s campaign was brought to Mole’s attention this morning by this WhatsApp message from Ohid ‘I like to keep my street extra clean’ Ahmed which seems to be suggesting that the Brazilian variant of the Covid virus is attracted to Tower Hamlets postcodes and observes ‘How inconvenient for those campaigning or going to vote on the 6th of May’.

Say what?

So is Ohid trying to scare people? Or is he implying that there is some conspiracy which is directing the Brazilian variant to the borough to disrupt the voting? In Lutfur’s favour? Or those who do not want any more of the directly elected Mayor system?

For those who are even vaguely interested our entire Editorial Team has spent the morning tracking down a selection of campaign material produced by Lutfur and his team.

We have no idea if these can easily be converted to wallpaper but if they can they could save you a fortune if you are redecorating your flat.

‘Community backs Mayor system…’ Really? Says who? Just ‘cos your mates agree with you doesn’t mean everyone else does.
“Mayor means power to the people?” Nah, Mayor means power to the Mayor.
Any chance of a translation Lutfur?

Hafiz Mawlana Shamsul Haque, Imam and General Secretary Esha’atul Islam, Ford Square Mosque is keen Lutfur supporter.

Bingo card! Eyes down!

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