Poplar & Limehouse Labour Party throw their toys out of their prams (video)

Prepare to be afraid, very afraid. What you are about to see is behaviour that is beyond the pale. Behaviour that is childish. Behaviour that is threatening. Behaviour caused by soft toys.

Not just ordinary soft toys but toys that have been abused. Toys that have been thrown to a cold wooden floor and abandoned.

Who has been so very nasty to the toys? Members of Poplar & Limehouse Labour Party, that’s who.

Watch if you dare.

We borrowed this from Order Order, we are sure they won’t mind ‘cos it was not theirs in the first place.

Afraid now? You should be. For the simple reason that this is the same group of people who are responsible for running the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. (The Bethnal Green lot are worse apparently.)

“I said lager top, not Guiness!”

From this group will emerge the next generation of Labour councillors who, after failing to even get a position behind the National Union of Students bar at college, seem to think they are qualified for elected office.

Many of them will never even get a job, considering that calling themselves a community leader and standing outside Bethnal Green tube on a Saturday shouting about socialising things will be suffice.

Emboldened they will progress in Tower Hamlets Labour Party until they are allowed to fold leaflets. Once their membership of Momentum is accepted they will be sorted.

But enough of our local MP, she has got other things to worry about.

Moley wants a proper copy!

This video of a virtual meeting of Poplar & Limehouse Labour Party is well short and Moley wants a copy of the whole thing thanks very much!

Wetransfer is great for sending videos so just sling the goods over to hello@eastendenquirer.org and we can all have a proper watch, probably with some nice snacks, because there were serious issues being discussed at the meeting.

No, honestly.

An AWWS! Super!

Seems it was something to do with the Mayor trying to get an All Women Shortlist, sorry, an All White Woman Shortlist (AWWS) to ensure the next candidate for Poplar & Limehouse would be, er, an AWW type, if there should be a vacancy soon.

Ugly, isn’t it?

Biggs wants Rachel Saunders, Rachel Blake and Suzy Stride to make up the AWWS.

Suzy Stride is capable of being an MP but is handicapped by her dad being Steve Stride who runs Poplar HARCA, one of the biggest social housing providers in the borough and John Biggs bestie.

Quite why or how Cllr. Rachel Blake thinks she has a chance of becoming an MP nobody knows, but she is the main force behind Liveable Streets so that’s all good.

Rachel Saunders being on the AWS is a bit of a puzzle too as she and Mayor Biggs do not get along. Big time.

Key reason is that she was fired resigned from her position as Deputy Mayor after the LBTH Children’s Department for which she was responsible was condemned by Ofsted in April 2017.

At the time Rabina Khan, now Liberal Democrat councillor for Shadwell, told the East London Advertiser that it was no surprise Saunders was fired resigned as she failed to turn up to a single meeting of the [Children’s] Safeguarding Board.

How was Rachel supposed to know she had to attend those meetings?

Perfect MP material!

Although to be fair all three white, middle class women are ideal for the job.

None of them stand a chance of course as Sir Keir Starmer will most likely parachute in a trusted paid of hands from outside.

Which should be fun to watch.

Remember Moley wants the full video of the meeting because we have not seen the good stuff yet! Total discretion guaranteed as ever, just send it to hello@eastendenquirer.org and Mole will do the rest.

Solidarity AWWS sisters!

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