Lutfur Rahman is back and on the Mayoral campaign trail

To the surprise of nobody ever Lutfur Rahman has announced his candidacy to be the next Directly elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets – again.

As with all good things his announcement was very informal, the image at the top of the page has been circulating on numerous WhatsApp groups in the borough. It reads: 

Yes for Mayor

Your Borough Your Mayor Your Choice

Don’t take us back 10 years. Keep the Mayoral system in Tower Hamlets. 

Say NO to backroom politics and YES to people power.


What else can we say? Ten years on from his first anointment as Directly elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets, five years on from being kicked out of office at the conclusion of the electoral petition Lutfur is back as if nothing ever happened. 

Maybe it hasn’t?

Hang on people it looks like it is going to be a wild ride!

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