Petition to hold a referendum to bin the ‘Directly Elected Mayor’

The real petition for a referendum to ditch the ‘Directly Elected Mayor’ system in Tower Hamlets has been posted on so go sign

This is in contrast to the rigged petition currently on the LBTH website posted by Mayor Biggs gofers.

Unlike the Biggs petition which has the sole purpose of keeping Biggs and his chums in power, the aims ‘to hold a referendum in Tower Hamlets to replace the ‘Directly Elected Mayor’ system after an informed debate so that residents and not just politicians have a say on the structure of how we should make decisions that affect us all.’

Saywhatwherewhennow? Informed debate? In Tower Hamlets?

Yep, it seems so. What could possibly go wrong?

According to Cllr. Andrew Wood (Independent, Canary Wharf) the petition asks that:

  1. We also consider the Committee system as a possible replacement
  2. The vote is on a separate day from a party political election so as to ensure a proper debate, which did not happen in 2010
  3. We only hold a vote after a process of information, so that residents understand what the four choices are, which also did not happen in 2010
  4. We also look at what Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz did in Newham with a Democracy and Civic Participation Commission looking at wider issues of democracy
  5. When we hold a referendum including different options so that residents and not just politicians decide

All good points.

Problem is that it still takes 600 coppers to ensure elections can take place in Tower Hamlets.

Anywhere else in the country where that happens? No.

Enquirer Comment

Mole has no doubt whatsoever that schemes to subvert this and other petitions are already underway.

The 2010 referendum was rigged.  Why does anyone think this one will not be? Please, tell us. Why?

Mole’s view is that Whitehall needs to send in the Commissioners once more to take control of the Council and clean out the corruption properly. You think we publish everything we know to be true about Tower Hamlets corruption? We wish.

Sure, there is still lots to come from the Poplar Papers but a lot will always be hidden.

Last time round the Commissioners had the wool pulled firmly over their eyes which is why we are where we are.

Part of the Commissioners role should be to oversee the transition from Directly-Elected Mayor nonsense to something better.

We cannot and should not be trusted to do it ourselves.

How can anyone assume that the most corrupt borough in London, and probably the entire UK, can be left to its own devices to heal itself?

Seriously. How can anyone think that?

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