Poplar Papers 16 – Organised corruption in Tower Hamlets council

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Sometimes it is just easier to tell the story with one big picture.

This infographic shows the approximate operation of organised crime networks within London Borough of Tower Hamlets council (LBTH) between 2010 and 2020.

You can download a larger PDF version here. It’s about 7.5Mb. Told you it was big. Much easier to read though.

This infographic explains a part of what Moley has found recently, a lot of it thanks to the extra bits and pieces of information in the Poplar Papers courtesy of Mark Edmunds.

What this does not reveal is how this was allowed to happen. Fortunately Moley knows and is feeling very chatty this week.

Some might balk at the use of the term ‘organised crime network’. OK this is not the Mafia or anything, but it is crime and it is organised.

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